Let's Play Series: Super Ghouls N Ghosts


I think most of us have games we love and some of have games we didn’t get into when we were younger but I thought about making a series of monthly posts where we pick a game and those who are interested play it. I am nominating Super Ghouls N Ghost for this month (well maybe since its late Oct we will use this for the entire month of November as well).

Next month, I will (or anyone else I don’t care if I am in charge) put a post for nominations and see what the community wants to play. I like the idea of picking games that are available on a number of platforms. Super Ghouls N Ghosts was something I hated when I was younger but I picked it up this week and fell in love.

I don’t think we have to be overly rigid with the rules of where to play it or which version is best. @Socksfelloff linked me a fix using the SD2SNES that restored a lot of the Japanese content (mainly censored religious symbols) and fixed some slowdown. But there is a virtual console port on both N3DS and Wii U as well as its on the SNES Classic. You can also choose to play it on GBA too if you wish.

I never was able to beat level 1 as a kid and now I can get to level 3. I think it might take me a while to figure this one out but it would be great to have some of you join me.

Also, if you guys think the PC Engine or Genesis version is better tell us why.

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Good idea for a thread and I’m glad to see you here @Kawika ! I doubt I’ll get past level 1 before the month is over though!

Also super ghouls and ghosts is an entirely different game then the genesis/arcade versions!

Having let’s play threads and game of the month clubs really helps me decide what game to play when in looking at, literally, thousands of games I want to play!

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We’ll keep this game open through November. So you Just have to beat it (or attempt to) by the end of November. We could do a survey thread for our next game. I think I am going to try the GBA port tonight to see which version speaks to me more. So far, I am really digging your fix. I don’t have the link anymore but I think its best to not post links to roms even if its a hack fix (and we own the actual game).

What was the name of that fix so if someone wants to look it up.

I’ve never gotten further than Level 3 as well, so I’m down for trying to beat it! I’ve never tried the slowdown fixed version either, so that’ll be new to me.

I have Chomakaimura, the Super Famicom version. I’ve only ever made it to stage 3 before, but I’ll give it another go!

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I also believe it would be cool if someone who doesn’t own a SNES/GBA but still has the Mega Drive/Super Grafx version of G’nG (or whatever else game is multiplatform) could enter anyway, post a few pictures maybe, and then some final thoughts. I always enjoy to learn about little - or major - differences between different ports of the same base game.

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Here’s the patch in question. I can’t make it past the fucking first level but the difference there is night and day!

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@Galdelico it’s literally a completely different game!

I think that is fine too but I think the games completely diverge after level 1.

Completely different game though! There’s a long, long argument to be made as to which is better. Basically easiest way to remember it is that there are three “Classic” GnG games:

  • Ghosts 'n Goblins - The original (1985 Arcade, ported most famously to NES)
  • Ghouls 'n Ghosts - The sequel (1988 Arcade, ported most famously to MD/Genesis)
  • Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts - Third game (1991 SNES, never had an Arcade release, ported most famously to GBA)

All three were also released on one disc as part of the Capcom Generations series for PSX and Saturn.

Oh I have that Saturn disc. I totally forgot. How’s the Super G&G port on that?

Haven’t played it myself, but I remember reading that it suffers from the same resolution problem that the Megaman X3 suffered from, namely the SNES runs in 256x224, whereas the Saturn’s lowest resolution is 320x224, which means you have to add borders, black space on the left and right, or have non-integer scrolling.

So one level 1 I try to get the crossbow weapon or the knife. You can the level 1 armor upgrade in the first 10 seconds and as long as you are careful you can get the golden armor pretty early on. Its kind of nice you do get pushed to the start of the level because you can gear up and get a weapon upgrade if you have something you don’t care for.

Level 2 is once again the knife or the crossbow. The only thing I don’t like about the crossbow is that sometimes you can’t fire until your last round hits something or goes off screen. Can be very frustrating to have something flying about when you need to shoot. For that reason I prefer the knife so far. I really like the Knife’s armor upgraded fire.

One thing I don’t understand is what the shield does for you. You lose all your armor in 1 hit so what is the point of getting that shield after you get the golden armor?

If I remember correctly it allows you to charge you weapons for an extra-powerful shot. That was in this one right?

/edit: oh wait you said shield, I thought you meant the golden armor. Apparently the shield gives you an extra hit if it hits the shield directly.

This game is really good. I played it a couple years back (cleared both loops, using continues tho) and loved it, slowdown and all.

Where I’d rank it with the rest of the series is a tougher call. Daimakaimura seems like the champ to me, but I need to put more time into all of them.

Once you get the golden armor you get that ability. Unless it is a super duper extra hard shot. /shrug

Edit: Ah, I have always lost the armor (or maybe failed at jumping) and never got the hit after getting said shield

I actually have both the Genesis and Super Famicom versions. They are quite different, the Genesis one being way closer to the arcade version. Here’s some box art featuring some other Capcom ghouls.

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I’ve been playing Ghouls’n’Ghosts this week, but I had to quit on the last level because you had to go so far back after dying to an endboss

Nice idea for a thread! A year ago or so i made it to the final level on the second round but gave up. Couldn’t beat the final bosses if i remember correctly. Many credits were used :blush:

Yeah, I’ve made a dumb example as it’s pretty much the third game in the series. My bad, lol. ^^;

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