Back in Time YouTube Channel Official Thread


Great videos! It’s always nice to find fellow Raid Over Moscow fans.


Yer love that, got another C64 game review next Thursday…


Can I ask anybody who has watched the show, what reviews to you like better? You like the 8bit, 16bit, 32bit or Arcade stuff, or are you happy with the “bit of everything” i do now…

I will for sure carry on doing a bit of everything as thats what I like, but like to know if I should do more of something… :smiley:

I hate looking constantly for new subs, but you cant help it, its just so slow at the start and I just want to make it appeal, always hurts when it takes longer to make it than the total view time over the first 48 hours :wink: ha


I personally prefer a good mix of stuff.


Yeah a mix of stuff is perfect. As long as the games are interesting I don’t mind the platform that much. Personally I like hearing about games I haven’t seen before, which so far you’ve done a good job with! But I think having some mainstream classics featured is probably better for getting a wider appeal.


Little something extra for the weekend, its the really rather wonderful OutRun 2006 : Coast 2 Coast… This really is a good time, and hey, listen out for the dirty joke… I can not be the only one to have such a mind :wink:


I find the 16-bit stuff already pretty well covered. Feel like there’s still a ton of 32-bit games that doesn’t get any shine. I want to hear from people who had played Blast Chamber as a party game in 1996. Maybe that never happened.


I never played it as a party game, so thats me out :slight_smile:


Cool Outrun 2006 video. For the Xbox, I actually prefer Outrun 2 over 2006, as it had the unlockable original Outrun arcade game, the Daytona USA 2 and Scud Racer tracks. I also prefer the progression of the Mission Mode in Outrun 2. If I remember correctly, I also think Outrun 2 was in 480p, while 2006 was in 480i, if you’re playing it on original Xbox hardware.

Outrun 2006 was a very limited release in the US on the Xbox. I forgot to pre-order and had a hard time finding a copy. Many stores only received enough copies to cover pre-orders. I called around to a bunch of EB Games and had to drive all the way across the city I lived in to a store that had a cancelled pre-order.


I have both games, didnt consider the orginal had extra stuff, will have to go look now :slight_smile: I did see on a Metal Jesus Rocks video that it was rare and expensive in the US, not the case in the UK…


Okay, so I actually watched a full episode, and it was surprisingly entertaining/watchable.

I don’t know why, but we manage to attract some good talented youtubers here. Keep up the great work.

My only suggestion - is it possible for you to show game footage in 60fps? I’m watching the Outrun 2006 video, and the game appears so slow to my eyes. I’m not sure if that’s a PAL issue of the game or what exactly is happening - I’ve never even played the game before. But I was expecting 60fps on it.


Glad you liked it, unsure what to say about the speed, the game is captured directly from the console, so the speed is the speed… though my edit software outputs at 30fps, so maybe that is what is giving you the sense of it being slower… Pretty sure all PAL games by this time where now at 60Hz not the old 50Hz that used to cause all the issues in the SNES era…


Yup that’ll be the issue and rendering @60fps would solve that!


Thanks Socksfelloff, I dont think my camera actually supports 60fps…

Getting a new camera soon (in a few weeks I hope), so then I will check this, see if I can get it to 60fps… I hope it dont make the file too much bigger, as I have terrible upload (and download) speed, only .9Mbps upload, so it takes 5 hours as it is…

So cant promise anything, but for sure will attempt to improve that in a few weeks… Not I am always at least 3 weeks ahead, but I will update here when I get a fix :smiley:


Your camera is fine. When you render at 60fps it will keep your camera at 24/30 but the captured gameplay will be at its native 60!

It should double the size of the video but it’ll be worth it!


Woof. That sounds terrible. If that’s how long it takes, then yea, just keep the format as is unless the 60fps doesn’t add much size. It’s not worth potentially increasing that upload time.


Ha yer, living in the country is nice cuz its pretty and sheep are fun… internet though… not so good :smiley:

Socks, I will see if I can render at 60fps if so I will give it a go, see how much bigger it gets…



I can only select upto 59.94 fps, unsure why that would be? could that be locked by my laptop screen maybe?

Size though is only a smidge bigger…


“60” is 59.94 for traditional NTSC so that’s why.