Back in Time YouTube Channel Official Thread


For all intents and purposes, that is 60fps. It’s never precisely 60.0 frames per second.


Great, I will upload at that in the future, thanks for the tips…


Frankie says Relax! he sure did and we had the teeshirts to blooming well prove it…


Some bullet hell for the weekend…


The game looks so cool. And nice video as always man.


Thanks dude, it is a great game, sound was a little high I thought in the game, sounded more like a arcade :smiley: glad though you liked it…


By the way, Dead or Alive 3 on Xbox has different manual art from its cover.


Ha brilliant, I know something out there must have a different cover :D, seems rare though, lazy marketing says me…


In fact, the disc art is different too now that I look closely, but that’s way more common.

Yea, I’m sure there are other examples out there. I’ll keep my eyes open.


The quest has begun


I just checked and the majority of the Tecmo Xbox releases have different cover art and manual art. All the Halo releases are different as well.


Nice, sounds like XBOX at least has some effort put in to box and manual art work.


Being a massive 80s music fan (you only need to see my record collection to know that) I’ve always been curious about this one. Thanks for the video.


Thanks Yakumo, yer the 80’s was a great time for music, I am currently listening to the Associates rather a lot… band you like?? (only done a couple of great songs to be honest, but what songs)


I want to see a picture of your record collection pls :pray:


Sorry dude, its all MP3 here… I am a man of the future!

Show me yours though, would love some vinyl, but alas I have none.


I’m actually getting my first turntable and starting my collection now since I’m redoing my setup in the next month. It’s going to be a ton of jazz and classical stuff. But there will be some other stuff thrown in from the pop music world like rock, hip hop, and electronic. It will be all eras and styles really.

My ears are whores when it comes to sound and I tend to like everything from opera to 8bit chip tunes. (I just can’t do country though).


I am much the same, my LastFM profile kinda is a mixed bag…


I used to be the same regarding country, until I realized it was actually the bubblegum pop style country that was really unappealing to me. Try Chris Stapleton or Sturgill Simpson, they’ve got a crunchier, more alternative rock sound that mixes perfectly with the right blend of country.


Ah, I do know of the Associates. They’re a Scottish group from the early 80s, right? I’ve not listened to any of their stuff though. I like a wide range from the likes of the smiths and the cure to electronic pop such as Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys. I’d say my main musical interest stated at the age of 12 / 13 which was a the days of Stock Aiken and Waterman.