Back in Time YouTube Channel Official Thread

Pretty new here, but already been having some fun, but thought I would post a complete hello… Also purchased a OSSC after some great advice here, so that was… expensive…

I have been a collector for many years, thats been somewhat lucky as prices just keep going up, really like PC-Engine, Neo Geo, Commodore 64, Amiga, Dreamcast and honestly, lots of other things… Most of my buying is now done, I just enjoy what I got, but I have plenty to keep me happy :slight_smile:

Currently have a complete Dreamcast PAL collection, but thinking it maybe time thin that little sucker, too much stuff…

Recently I started a YouTube channel and its been going great, really hard at the start as YouTube does effectivly nothing to help, so its just word of mouth and pimpin it like a 70’s hooker… I do hate the pimping though, so I will say this only once :slight_smile:

If you would like to check my channel out, please do… If you would subscribe then I will give you a virtual hug… I release a new show every Thursday without fail, sometimes a weekend show too…

The format is a review from my collection, we look at the time itself (news, music etc) just quick like, take a look at the box, magazines etc, then on with some gameplay… Its all very casual, simple to watch and I hope funny in places…

This week I reviewed Vigilante on the PC-Engine, such a machine and a game that just suits it…

Let me know what you think and dont worry I wont be updating this every week with new shows as I am sure that would get on your wicks…

(Back in Time Sime)



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Yo great job on that video! I like the format and presentation and enjoyed listening to you chat about the game.

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Each time I do a show I feel a little more comfortable, maybe too comfortable :smiley: I am happy with the format though, so glad you liked it.

Great, another fucking Brit. j/k. Subbed.

EDIT: Wait, no ZX Spectrum videos? Is that even legal for a retro channel from the UK?

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Yes, us fonking Brits get all blooming over the place…

Sorry, more a Commodore man, never had a Spectrum, borrowed one from a chum onces… it was OK…

We cant ave it all :smiley:



edit: I have never seen a ZX Spectrum in person… I just like the way they look. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool channel. I like the little back in time part at the beginning, with the popular news, movies and music from the time the game came out. I subscribed after watching your Raid Over Moscow video. :grinning::+1:

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Nice video man and I through a sub your way!

There’s nothing more Bri’ish then having a Tea in your video.

I think the Brits might outweigh us Canucks now on this board.

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Thanks you all like it, its just some fun, nothing to take to serious, though I like all the news and stuff, puts you in the mood and allows you to better feel in and around the time :D, plus gives me some time to make some crappy jokes, Raid Over Moscow has been my most popular show so far, people love the old 64, luckly so do I… :sunny:

Cool channel.

I hope you don’t mind, but I changed the title of the thread to reflect the name of your channel so people have a better idea of the content in here. (Hope that’s cool). Let me know if you’d like me to tweak it or anything.

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Thank Peltz, that is great, is it ok if I also update this thread with the odd video also? or is that not really the done thing?

Yep. Totally okay.

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I always loved the style and the attitude of British videogame magazines, back then, and I feel the same towards the majority of YouTubers from the UK, nowadays.
I’m gonna enjoy your Evil Twin review next. :smiley:

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Evil Twin was a load of old crap :smiley:

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200 pounds of crap, nonetheless. A true heavyweight.

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Yep, think I will sell it…

I liked Evil Twin on the Dreamcast :slightly_frowning_face:

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You wana buy it :slight_smile:

Hehe, I already own it. One of the few PAL games I own.

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