Back in Time YouTube Channel Official Thread


Pretty new here, but already been having some fun, but thought I would post a complete hello… Also purchased a OSSC after some great advice here, so that was… expensive…

I have been a collector for many years, thats been somewhat lucky as prices just keep going up, really like PC-Engine, Neo Geo, Commodore 64, Amiga, Dreamcast and honestly, lots of other things… Most of my buying is now done, I just enjoy what I got, but I have plenty to keep me happy :slight_smile:

Currently have a complete Dreamcast PAL collection, but thinking it maybe time thin that little sucker, too much stuff…

Recently I started a YouTube channel and its been going great, really hard at the start as YouTube does effectivly nothing to help, so its just word of mouth and pimpin it like a 70’s hooker… I do hate the pimping though, so I will say this only once :slight_smile:

If you would like to check my channel out, please do… If you would subscribe then I will give you a virtual hug… I release a new show every Thursday without fail, sometimes a weekend show too…

The format is a review from my collection, we look at the time itself (news, music etc) just quick like, take a look at the box, magazines etc, then on with some gameplay… Its all very casual, simple to watch and I hope funny in places…

This week I reviewed Vigilante on the PC-Engine, such a machine and a game that just suits it…

Let me know what you think and dont worry I wont be updating this every week with new shows as I am sure that would get on your wicks…

(Back in Time Sime)




Yo great job on that video! I like the format and presentation and enjoyed listening to you chat about the game.


Each time I do a show I feel a little more comfortable, maybe too comfortable :smiley: I am happy with the format though, so glad you liked it.


Great, another fucking Brit. j/k. Subbed.

EDIT: Wait, no ZX Spectrum videos? Is that even legal for a retro channel from the UK?


Yes, us fonking Brits get all blooming over the place…

Sorry, more a Commodore man, never had a Spectrum, borrowed one from a chum onces… it was OK…

We cant ave it all :smiley:




edit: I have never seen a ZX Spectrum in person… I just like the way they look. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool channel. I like the little back in time part at the beginning, with the popular news, movies and music from the time the game came out. I subscribed after watching your Raid Over Moscow video. :grinning::+1:


Nice video man and I through a sub your way!

There’s nothing more Bri’ish then having a Tea in your video.

I think the Brits might outweigh us Canucks now on this board.


Thanks you all like it, its just some fun, nothing to take to serious, though I like all the news and stuff, puts you in the mood and allows you to better feel in and around the time :D, plus gives me some time to make some crappy jokes, Raid Over Moscow has been my most popular show so far, people love the old 64, luckly so do I… :sunny:


Cool channel.

I hope you don’t mind, but I changed the title of the thread to reflect the name of your channel so people have a better idea of the content in here. (Hope that’s cool). Let me know if you’d like me to tweak it or anything.


Thank Peltz, that is great, is it ok if I also update this thread with the odd video also? or is that not really the done thing?


Yep. Totally okay.


I always loved the style and the attitude of British videogame magazines, back then, and I feel the same towards the majority of YouTubers from the UK, nowadays.
I’m gonna enjoy your Evil Twin review next. :smiley:


Evil Twin was a load of old crap :smiley:


200 pounds of crap, nonetheless. A true heavyweight.


Yep, think I will sell it…


I liked Evil Twin on the Dreamcast :slightly_frowning_face:


You wana buy it :slight_smile:


Hehe, I already own it. One of the few PAL games I own.