Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Announced.


Now this is more my like my jam. Very excited for this and outta nowhere.


Yeah this is a really cool little add-on. I’m glad they’re making it available separately from the Kickstarter.


I would love a physical copy of Curse of the Moon.

I backed Bloodstained at the $100 level. With the solid demo and now Curse of the Moon, I feel that Bloodstained is coming together great and the overall package will be a real treat for Castlevania fans.


I’m playing through Curse of the Moon on Steam right now. I’ve completed the first level and I’m loving the game so far. The difficulty is on par with the metroidvania games and not as hard as the old school NES Castlevania games. The music is great, especially the title track.


Wow this looks pretty exciting…