Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Announced.

Now this is more my like my jam. Very excited for this and outta nowhere.

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Yeah this is a really cool little add-on. I’m glad they’re making it available separately from the Kickstarter.

I would love a physical copy of Curse of the Moon.

I backed Bloodstained at the $100 level. With the solid demo and now Curse of the Moon, I feel that Bloodstained is coming together great and the overall package will be a real treat for Castlevania fans.

I’m playing through Curse of the Moon on Steam right now. I’ve completed the first level and I’m loving the game so far. The difficulty is on par with the metroidvania games and not as hard as the old school NES Castlevania games. The music is great, especially the title track.

Wow this looks pretty exciting…

I’m really enjoying this so far. Definitely a reminiscent feel of the old NES games with some modifications like having switchable characters that allow you to explore different parts of the stage, somewhat similar to the later metroidvania games. I’m pretty satisfied after completing 3 levels for my $10.

I’m also playing this and it is very good. Definitely worth the $10 it costs. I bought it on Switch.

Really loving this game. Worth every penny if you ask me. Picked it up on switch. Beat it a couple of times. I love the different modes/endings.

This game is rad. I finally got the backer code and I’m playing it on switch. They used the shovel Knight engine right ? It looks,feels and sounds exactly like it (that’s a good thing)

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It’s from a different company than the one that made Shovel Knight, and I don’t know if Yacht Club Games actually licenses out their engine. I would imagine probably not.

I know it’s from a different company but man does it look ,sound and feel like Shovel Knight

Doesn’t feel like Shovel Knight to me, other than both feeling like Famicom games.

Shovel Knight is more refined control-wise, it’s like NES+ (just like most stuff about it) but this feels exactly like an original Fami game, like Ninja Gaiden or CV or Contra, whereas SN feels kinda like Rockman X, more a SNES style acceleration.

Looks and sound wise it’s quite similar, though once again SN breaks the ‘NES barrier’ a little bit more, more sound channels and colours per sprite etc.

Just downloaded on PS4 when I saw this thread - forgot this was even coming! Played through one level and I love it. They nailed the look.

What I’m trying to say is the engine feels just like Shovel Knight. The gameplay is straight out of the 8 bit games. They totally nailed the shitty stairs and the even shittier jumps.

I’ve had too many deaths due to the jumps lol