What retro styled games are you looking forward to in 2018?

Although we have a retro-focus, there are still many original games coming out that have retro sensibilities. Thought we could discuss what we’re looking forward to.

Owlboy - This looks amazing. It’s a Metroidvania/Platformer. It came out on PC this year but it comes out on Switch, PS4, and XB1 next year. I will be getting this on Switch.

What are your retro styled must plays next year?

I’m perfectly aware it will never happen, but I still wish Super Hydorah will find its way to the 3DS.
And yeah - in spite of having a very bad feeling about it - Paprium on the Mega Drive too.

I love the Castlevania games, especially the GBA and DS ones and I’m really looking forward to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Also looking forward to Bard’s Tale IV, along with the Bard’s Tale Trilogy remaster.

I’ve been waiting for a Metroidvania called Ghost Song for years now. Here are some gifs:

Wasn’t the dev of that active on gaf? I forget who I’m thinking of…

Yes. Jobbs.

I want Ghost Song so bad…it looks awesome. I would like a Fight´n Rage port for the Nintendo Switch too, one of my top games list this year.

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“Heart Forth, Alicia” is another retro styled metroidvania that I’ve been waiting for for a long ass time. Feels like a backed that a lifetime ago.

I loved Owlboy and I’ll buy it again when it comes to consoles. I was able to snag the game + drm free version + soundtrack for $10 earlier this year from Humble.

I’m really looking forward to Cyber Shadow!


Came to post this. Dev is looking to make a BVM /PVM style filter for it too.

I still need to play that!

Man, I completely forgot about Ghost Song. Geez, it really has been years since that was unveiled hasn’t it?

WOW that looks awesome.

You haven’t heard of this game before?=O

Fight n rage looks awesome!

I don’t play PC games and don’t really follow indie stuff.

Of course it’s entirely down to personal tastes, but I’ve never been a huge fan of that kind of graphic style. Something that seems to mimic the NES on the one hand (limited palette, rudimentary sprites and backgrounds…), but at the same time goes way beyond that, with complex animations, higher resolution and a bigger scale in general. I don’t know, it creates a paradox of some sort, in my mind, which prevents me to fully enjoy what is an objectively great spectacle.
Stuff like Owlboy or Fight’n Rage appeals to me so much more.

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So am I after seeing this incredible post!