Do modern TVs even have component inputs anymore?

Looking to upgrade my TV with one of the new OLEDs, but many lack component completely. I plug in some retro consoles via component. What solutions do I have for this? Is the OSSC still the best thing for this?

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They sure don’t. They typically don’t even have the capability for them. Like the modern oleds will have some sort of breakout cable that lets you plug in composite, but no support for component. Just something that has been/is being completely phased out.

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My Samsung Q50r (2019) has a component input. That’s a QLED though!

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Even if they do, it’s usually not a good idea. I recently hooked up my PS2 to my LG, and the built in scaler/image processor makes it look absolute pants.

Yes, OSSC will be the best thing for it. Analogue inputs are super niche now and have been phased out of the mainstream market.

Which systems are you looking to hook up?

Wii, PS2, Dreamcast, SNES, Genesis (I have the excellent Retrovision cables for these)