Do you all collect anything besides video game/vg related items?


Just curious to hear about what if anything you all collect besides video games/related items.

Ever since I was little I loved collecting things. Probably why I’m borderline dangerously addicted to loot games. I collected rocks, coins, stamps…the usual stuff. I would bounce around from thing to thing as it caught my interest. At some point I guess video game stuff kind of took over and that’s mostly where I’m at these days.

Having sold off most of my paintball guns, all I have besides my video game stuff that I consider a collection, is my assortment of watches. Though I’m trying to “complete” that, as I ended up with too many watches sitting around unworn, which bugged me. Same reason I sold my paintball guns. Too many any not enough of them saw the field.

So, what have you all got? :smiley:


I avoid collecting things because of money and space but I still have some of my fossil collection from childhood. It’s nothing too exciting but I have some fossils of plants, fish, trilobytes, and a small dinosaur spinal piece.


Maaaaaan I wanted a fossil collection so bad as a kid. I thought that was the coolest. Also totally hear you on the space and money thing :frowning:


Records, cds, and cassettes!

But kind of like collecting games I want to play, I’m more interested in listening than rarity.


What do you listen to your cassettes on?


I have a Nakamichi BX 125 tape deck with my eyes on eventually having an auto-flipper like a RX 202!


Auto flippers are super cool. Hope you get it!


I got a ton of Silver (Some Bronze Age but I quit collecting in the mid 90s) Age Comics that I’ve wanted to sell for a while. Just no one wants to give you anything for them. I think I am going to find the most expensive books, have them graded and sell them that way so I don’t deal with the comic book guy bullshit.

The same thing with Retro games. The only people really buying are retailers who give you dimes to dollars for your collection. Hard Pass.

I did cars for a while. I didn’t keep a collection. I would buy older cars. Put some money in them and make them look pretty and re-sell them. It was fun getting a new car for a few months to put around in and making more money at the end of it. My other buddy kept going. He drives a Ferrari now. I drive a Tacoma.


Records. I buy a lot of music on record, though my main drug of choice at the moment is all the Video Game soundtracks being released.

I also buy a fair amount of movies. Have probably 300-400 Blurays. It slowed down for a number of years, but I’ve recently started picking up a lot of 4k UHDs. Looking forward to a lot of the catalog releases this year (Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible franchise, 2001 a Space Odyssey, etc)


That reminds me I have some comics from that time period as well. Unfortunately most anything from that era seems to be worthless :frowning:

Man, 2001 in 4k is going to be awesome.


Silver age or 80s-90s? Because I have stuff like the first appearance of Wolverine and Punisher. I have the Uncanny Xmen from issue 7 on. That era is worth a lot. The 90s, not so much.


Games/gaming is really the most of it although I do buy music on CDs for the quality and then rip them at the bitrate I prefer. I use the CDs in my car then, again for quality of sound. I keep them, so I guess I collect them?

I have a ton of comics and Magic cards and even Lord of the Rings CCG cards. I need to go through and sell that stuff, specifically the Magic cards, as I have some really valuable ones in there I believe.

I also seem to collect a whole lot of junk in my house. I need a massive spring cleaning…


Ah Magic cards. I do have a bunch of those as I played the game for years. I should probably do the same and take inventory and start selling them.


I also collect records all though not as feverishly as I used to. I really dialed that one back a number of years ago. I did just get the new Sleep record on Vinyl and it’s amazing.

I used to collect magic cards but got out of that years ago.


I’m waiting for someone to bust out their baller POG collection.


With records it’s been kinda strange over the past 15 years - now that a huge amount of good stuff has been or will be re-pressed it’s great that I can find anything I want for $15-$25 usually (recently purchased a brand new copy of Foxbase Alpha for like $13), but the hunt is different than it used to be. I still love record shops to pick through used stuff but if I really want to listen to something I’ll just buy it brand new.


Vintage Nintendo items have become more of a thing than games for me…


I sometimes pick up some vinyls but that’s mostly a casual thing.


I’m trying to stop buying games for the sake of collecting, and just hang on to stuff that I play (or brings me joy) and go digital. (I think when I eventually get a Switch, I’ll go fully digital.)

Getting rid of stuff is as a liberating as acquiring stuff you think you need at the time.

That being said, I like to collect art, and rotate out framed prints and stuff on my home office walls.


Any pics of said walls?