Do you all collect anything besides video game/vg related items?


Started collecting Vinyl this year and boy did I ever pick two expensive hobbies! Like @KC-Slater, I’m trying to only buy things I want to play/listen to (both games and Vinyl). I used to collect due to rarity or just for the sake of collecting, but not only was it getting old fast and not enjoyable, but also it’s impossible to afford long-term.


My wife keeps asking my why all my hobbies have to be expensive.



Clothes, Brand shoes, makeup, nail polishing, beauty spa stuff aren’t cheap either, so she (usually) don’t make a fuzz about my hobbies.


My wife is the most frugal person I know so I got nothin’ as far as that argument goes unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue:


Start collecting rocks


Fancy rocks ain’t cheap!!


Vinyl. Lot’s and lot’s of vinyl!

But anything music related tends to also wind up in my home, like synths, samplers, drum machines, gear, etc. CD’s, tapes, you name it. The other group of toys lol!


I think I had some posted on GAF a while back, but they’ve changed since. I’ll try to post some this week.

Most of my stuff is limited or open-run prints (and some vinyl toys) by artist like Robert Crumb, KAWS, Shepard Fairey, and some local Canadian artists. I also have a few animation cels, original comic art, a bunch Supreme decks, and some framed band poster prints from shows I went to. I am regularly rotating stuff in and out as the mood strikes me.


Pics would be awesome!

I collect Frazetta prints myself, along with CRTs and vintage Hif-Fi. The latter two are at a much smaller scale though just due to size. This has forced me to be pretty picky lately and so both of those hobbies have slowed down.

I used to be big into knife collecting as well, mostly Japanese kitchen knives and pocket knives with exotic steels. A few years ago I found good knives for both categories that sort of dulled my desire for new ones. I would like to check out a few models but due to overall price and my actual use/needs, I can’t bring myself to get them.

I also collect the usual stuff like movies, books, and old toys.


I collect some manga, various music cd’s, and the occasional figure.