Do you ever feel like you were born too early for the whole eSports thing?

When I was a student I would have never imagined getting a scholarship for being competitive at eSports.

I know those players are talented. But man, had that been a thing when I was in high school I would have probably invested a ton of time into it instead of the sports I actually played.

In some ways, I’m glad it wasn’t a thing yet because I was able to become a somewhat good athlete. And chances are, I never would have gotten far as an eSports competitor considering how wide a pool that it draws from.

But occasionally, I wonder, would I have been at all good if I were just 15 years younger? It’s an amusing thing to witness after my parents told me for so long that my video games were a “waste of time” lol.

Would’ve just told them “okay boomer” back then had I known how things would evolve.


Esports is a load of bollocks. None of those guys look like normal gamers at all. Plus they’re only great at one or two games. A true gamer can play hundreds of different games well.
Also, I think your title should be “Do you think you were born too early for Esports?”

Guess I played competitive Counter Strike online in like 1999? It just didn’t go anywhere and was just for fun. One guy at my college went to a LAN and won something, but it was like a $100 prize lol.

I also played Street Fighter III with some guys who played in a couple of tournaments around 2001. But again, you won like a trophy only.

Lol, serves me right for posting random thoughts half asleep.

I was the best SSBM player on my campus. But the pros would have destroyed me.

I imagine those players are probably at least as good as the typical gamer in any game not their “main” game.

I’m 41 now, but I was still a competitive player in the early days of eSport.

I used to play in Quake 2 and Quake 3 tournaments back when they were popular, and even won a few nice prizes.

I still love competitive games now (mostly Rocket League), but I’m only Champ 2/3 level, nowhere near eSports level of competition.

That said, I also love watching eSports. Rocket League and Trackmania are my favs. I also watch a ton of speedrunning.

I went to DePaul for a Masters Degree “meet and greet” and saw their eSports practice room…that was odd lol


Also, how does one game become an eSport, and another game… not at all? How do you “design” for an eSport, and should you even try? :confounded:

I feel like I can point to multiple examples of…

  • games that were expressly designed to become eSports… but didn’t


  • games that had no idea they would become eSports, that was not a consideration at all during the game’s design, but somehow they did, sometimes in a massive way

So… what does it all mean? Why and how are we still playing Counter-Strike after TWENTY ONE years?! I remember playing that in 1999 on a then-new cable modem connection and feeling like a god versus modem users!


I’m glad it exists but it really hasn’t caught my attention in the way that I want to watch it

I think I could have done well at EA NHL games back in the 16-bit era, if there were tournaments. In general though, my game time has always been divided among several games (and usually single player ones) so that doesn’t leave much room for mastering individual ones.