The Olympics started today. If there was a retro gaming Olympics, what would the events be?

What do you guys think?


All kidding aside, there’s a lot of focus on eSports currently. I think a lot of Retro games would unfortunately not work at a professional competition level, since many of them have exploits or flaws that would make balanced play difficult.

That being said, I’d love to watch some Halo 1 deathmatch as an Olympic event, or Smash Bros Melee!

Haha that image… Perfect.

How about Dragster? I heard if you rev the engine and pop the clutch on the count down, you can start in second gear.


All kidding aside, speedrunning would be the obvious choice here, with sanctions on what can be glitched and what can’t.

We’ve been playing Olympics games (following on from Golf, Winter Sports, Tennis) and the best one we’ve found is World Sports Competition (Power Sports) on TG16/PCE. Very very good.

Stadium Events of course.

Oh, I thought thread meant stuff like “rapid button pressing” and “Mario Party stick destroying”. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all reality…

Rocket League

Also Konami’s Track and Field for NES.

I wish some of my Retro buddies lived in the same city as me. We used to play Blades of Steel all the time. Would love to get a bracket going to celebrate the return of Olympic hockey (Minus the NHL players :frowning_face: )