Do you keep track of your digital titles via spreadsheet/website/app

I know many here prefer physical media. After the Wii U/PS4/XB1 generation, I went fully digital midstream. I don’t regret it all. I sometimes pickup a physical game here and there–I did for Mario 3D AllStars, for example.

But I’ve developed big digital libraries across the Wii/Wii U/3DS VCs. I try to be as legit as possible, so those services, while flawed, let me legally purchase many conventionally expensive titles on the used market.

I also have decent digital libraries on the Sony portables. I’m still very upset at the Vita and it’s horrible memory card issue. Beautiful hardware, but just a garbage memory card issue. Even if I was mostly physical on the Vita, I’d have to worry about losing game saves, which happened to me with the Persona 4 Golden.

I also want to figure out how to dump these legit games for use on MiSTER and Everdrives, so I have a “reference” library of sorts that will follow me in case these hardware platforms fail.

Obviously, I can do this with consoles that have not been jailbroken. For that, I’m putting my faith on Sony, Nintendo, and MS lol. MS has shown the most consistency here, so I’ve been getting multiplats there. Coupled with Sony aggressive chargeback stance. I don’t chargeback and have 2FA on, but removing library access seems insanity to me.

I could invest in a gaming PC and that would be the best option here, but I don’t have enough mental bandwidth for it. I already have retro and modern console libraries to keep me occupied.

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There is a pretty decent sized thread about this topic here if you’d like to know how a bunch of folks track their collection.

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I still go by memory. Not sure how, but it’s always served me well.