How do you store and display your games?

I thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss given - by and large - the RGB community’s presumably large collection of hardware and software picked up over the years!

One thing always comes to mind whenever I think about how to store my games: This translated blog post from Masahiro Sakurai ( on how he stores his games and consoles. It inspired me to start looking for new ways to organise my collection. Unfortunately I haven’t done anything so meticulous yet.

I’ve followed @Collz69’s tip for storing Game Boy carts in a small plastic box (Game Boy/Color/Advance OT + Collecting Thread - Get into it!) recently, which has proven to be a great idea.

I’ve been using larger versions of those storage boxes for other things in the past - I just picked up one to put my Japanese Saturn collection in for the moment:

For boxed games I’ve been collapsing the boxes and storing carts separately. Unfortunately I don’t really have much space or any shelves to display my collection - I usually just have a stack of games out that I’m playing.

It’s a bit easier with handheld game cards - I’ve been using HORI cases for Switch and Vita game cards and the old Club Nintendo game card holders (which are basically 3DS cases with space for 18 cards) for 3DS and DS games. GBA carts go in a jiffy bag for now…

One thing I am worried about is storing my disc games in plastic wallet holders - I noticed the other day two of my Saturn games got scratches from a plastic wallet I was using, which gutted me. I confirmed it by sliding a ‘mint’ disc in a few times and it emerged with a lot of visible scratches on both sides. Never again - need to look for a better material.

That’s enough from me though - how do you store, organise and display your games and hardware?

I store my SNES & SFC carts in those clear cart protector boxes, unlike the US carts you can’t read the label from above so I use a label printer to apply labels to the tops of the boxes like so

That way I can easily locate them as I store them in my desk drawer with my controllers etc


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