Ever have a cart that just won’t work?

That is an expensive one too.

Nothing expensive, but Marble Madness and Tiger-Heli on NES. Just won’t boot, no matter how I clean them.

Oh didn’t know , what a great game it is :slight_smile:

Is It? Oh geez. I got the cart for $10 at a local store back in 2013 and the box for $3. Lucky.

Hahaha nice!

I got a copy of Super Mario RPG that - for a while - I couldn’t play on my PAL Snes because of the special lockout chip it had. I tried numerous region converters and didn’t get anywhere. For other reasons, I purchased a FC3Plus clone console that enabled me to play NES/Genesis/Snes games and one day I tried Super Mario RPG on it. As expected, it didn’t work. But I then decided to try it again with my region converter and it surprisingly worked! so before I eventually modded my SNES with SuperCIC I played and completed Super Mario RPG on my FC3Plus…which crappy controller and all.

CD’s and DVD’s have failed me due to wear and tear, but never a cartridge. I may have encountered a NES cart at a friend’s house as a kid, but then my knowledge of cleaning a cartridge was only about blowing :rofl:

Me too.
An XBOX360 game (Dead or Alive 4) and a PSP UMD (Ridge Racer 2), which - in spite of having been bought brand new and always kept like so - at some point just completely stopped working. So odd.

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That UMD fail IS odd. UMD’s are not that old and they feature a plastic cover case. It’s a shame too, RR2 is really good! Has all the tracks from RR1, RRR, Rage, R4 and Rave Racer!

Sometimes they just die. My PC Engine Salamander card just died one day. Perfect connectors, and the internals are sealed inside an injection molded case.

Meanwhile all of my famicom disk system games boot flawlessly every time. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I had a Pokemon Yellow cart that wouldn’t save. Didn’t know at that time that you could just replace the battery. Problem solved!

Anytime I’ve had a cart that wouldn’t load it was directly related to the crud on the contacts. Cleaned it with a Qtip + rubbing alcohol and it was all good to go!

I have a copy of Legacy of the Wizard that wont run for whatever reason :frowning: