Ever have a cart that just won’t work?

I’ve been able to revive some pretty ratty looking, assumed out of commission carts for most of my time gaming. A couple years back, attacked a Batman and Robin Genesia cart and Banjo-Tooie with some brasso, q-tips etc, and after a little work they played perfectly.

The other day I snagged a boxed Killer Instinct Gold for like 10 bucks. Looked in pretty good shape…of course it won’t boot for anything! I’ve only had this happen one other time with a Kirby Superstar Snes cart.

The board looks pretty clean too.

Yeah, I have had a few I couldn’t revive: Pinball (VIC-20), Frogger (InTV), Demolition Man (Gen), Atomic Robo Kid (PCE).

Pc Kid 2 on PCE , never understood why : bought new , always placed in the protection and in the case , and one day blank screen … :disappointed_relieved:

Never on a cart but I’ve had a few disks that just refuse to read, on multiple consoles, despite looking brand new

A Sonic 1 cart I bought used. I’m not sure I ever got it working. I tried to clean it up as best as I could, even tested continuity (was good), but still couldn’t make it work. Dumping it several times with a Retrode gave me a different file every time, so I don’t think it’s bit rot.

At least it’s not an expensive cart to replace.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron on the N64 stopped working for me.

Bought a sonic 3 genesis cart in an expo and when I flew back home I discovered it wouldn’t boot :frowning:

Dang man, that sucks to hear!

My copy of comix zone. It never worked.

i picked up a genesis copy of road rash forever ago - ive tried alcohol, brasso and so much, it just never boots. not a big deal with the mega everdrive about, but still sucks.

Had a few that have needed mass cleaning (recently a copy of Duck Tales on Gameboy that had a BLACK PCB from what looked like a coca-cola spill), but nothing that’s refused to boot.

Definitely had faulty discs though.

My Clock Tower on SuFami never worked right, couldn’t make it passed the damn intro sequence.

I have a Zen Intergalactic Ninja for NES that wont run. Cleaned the shit out of the pins and get nothing,shame as its pretty rare.

I have a copy of Batman on Famicom that simply wont run, as well as a copy of Final Lap Twin on PC Engine that refuses to start after any sort of cleaning. Not sure what the hell is up with either one of those.

Bonk’s Revenge/ PC Kid 2 has one of the highest failure rates for Hucards. There was a thread about it on the pcenginefx forums.

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I work about 10-12 hours a week working with my friend that owns a retro game store and I’ve cleaned and tested hundreds of games. I have had a couple I couldn’t get to work, most were ruined by having soda spilled all over them. However, Gauntlet 4 still drove me crazy because the copy was in mint condition and only booted up once. I could never get that game to work for some freakin reason.

Isn’t there a history of Tengen Genesis carts having issues? I seem to remember hearing about that somewhere.

Yeah, Grind Stormer seems to be a major one for being defective.

Yup, I forgot, I do have a Grind Stormer cart that only works on my Retron 5 of all things.

I had no idea that you own a Retron 5!