Favorite retro games you first played as an adult

Yep. As a kid, 1-2 games a year. Maybe had 30 games total as a child and played another 100 as rentals or at friends places.

As an adult, especially since right from the start I’ve been buying up cheap games at the end of each generation, almost unlimited games. On a single day around ~2000 I bought as many NES games for peanuts at a pawn shop as I had owned games total to that point.


I started replaying Ys (X68000) last night so I’d like to add that.

I first got into Ys on the PSP (Felghana I believe). I didn’t play the original games until several years later and I absolutely love them.

In short
Is the best system

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Like the post above, Y’S I&II on the Tg16 VC and Double Dungeons(same system). Y’S cd soundtrack made the experience even better. Sometimes a great OST makes a game for me, and if both gameplay and music are top notch, I will disregard every other flaw.

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Arumana no Kieski looks awesome, and as though it could have been a stand-alone Indiana Jones game, had it been localized.

There are a great deal of classic games which I’ve only got to play as a young adult. Stuff like Vagrant Story, EarthBound, Donkey Kong '94, Space Harrier, OutRun, REZ, most of the Dragon Quest series. While many of the classic games I like come from my youth and early adolescence, I think it was as a young adult I truly realized what my gaming tastes were (I’m now 30).

That does not mean I can’t discover new old games which I had no idea I’d like! Given that, here are some rather recent obsessions:

Final Fight

While I had played a ton of Streets of Rage in my early years, I don’t think I’ve ever been as obsessed with a beat-em-up as I did with this one. It’s one of my favourite action games simply because it’s so fast to breeze through. I really like the GBA port - it’s the one that made me fall in love with the game.


Doom is so good. IT’S SO GOOD. I hadn’t a PC growing up, so I never gave it a fair shot. I think I only started playing this two or three years ago - played the original on GOG with its clunky, cumbersome controls, and ended up loving it so much I got DOOM 3 BFG without knowing it had the original games and played them even more there. Also got the 2016 DOOM despite not even having the hardware to play it.

I really like Knee-Deep in the Dead - I think it’s a masterpiece on its own. I don’t really like much of Sandy’s maps, to be honest…

Panel de Pon
I love this game! Despite having played a bit of Pokémon Puzzle League back in the N64 days, I never cared much for the game as I thought I sucked at it. Last year I was visiting a friend who lives way, way far from me and we were at his girlfriend’s place killing time while I expected a date of mine to be available. He suggested we played Tetris Attack, but I was reluctant as I didn’t like the game much and outright said I sucked at it. As we started playing, I actually won almost every match until he could keep up the pace and only then discovered how fun this was. It’s one of my favourites ever since.

Kirby’s Adventure
This game is fantastic! Always heard a lot of praises about it but could never figure out what the fuss was all about as I thought Kirby games were more or less the same by then. Only when I decided to tackle them in order I realized this was a Masahiro Sakurai game, alongside Dream Land 1 and Super Star. While there is a lot of slowdown (which is a shame), the game has a fantastic variety of levels and challenges and almost feels like a crescendo in the way the whole game is constructed. I was constantly amazed by the graphics and tech used in the game, which is unsurprising when you consider it was Satoru Iwata who coded this game. I think this is one of Kirby’s highest points, mostly because you can hardly believe it’s being done on the NES - while serviceable, I don’t think the GBA remake is nowhere near as incredible.

I guess that’s it. Quite a lot, actually, and I still hope to know more in the future!


Great post. Welcome aboard the good ship RGB!

I couldn’t agree more on Kirby’s Adventure. I only discovered it, when I was really impressed by the soundtrack, and I wanted to try something easier than Mario to play with my 6 y.o. daughter.

She actually beat Meta Knight after I gave up. :cry: So proud

Dreamland 3 on SFC is phenomenonal too.

Well said in regards to Doom as well. Despite borrowing the floppy disks for the 486, I don’t think I finished it (and Doom II) until much later.

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for me. I had a N64 and a Saturn during that era, so I missed most of the PSX exclusive library at the time. I always had a fascination with the game, and eventually picked it up a few years ago, and haven’t stopped playing it since! (I’m in a perpetual loop of replaying the game on various platforms.) It’s probably one of my top 5 favourite games of all time. It’s crazy how something you can love so much can be just sitting there for a decade waiting for you to discover it! What else have I been sleeping on??