Bob is back! new RetroRGB Weekly Roundup!

Glad to see Bob back!



Hopefully taking a step back was the breath of fresh air he needed. Welcome back @RetroRGB

Awesome! I was just looking at his twitter earlier wondering if he was retweeting things in place of producing a vid.

I’m so glad he’s back. I hope he’ll also be on Retro Roundtable again.

I wonder if all the stuff he is sending to Voultar is to lower his moving bill. :grinning:

Glad to see him back. Hope he’s doing well.

Whoa just saw this, great news!

This week’s roundup:

Excited to see how that Bad Dudes port for MD/Genesis turns out, loved that game back when I had an Atari ST.

Satiator update…getting closer…anybody backing his patreon and hoping to get a beta?

I’ve considered it, The Saturn is the one system I may end up getting an ODE/flash solution for.

I really want this asap but I think I’m going to try and wait for the final. Hoping it spurs new interest in fan translations (Grandia!)

Oh yeah, I just want to play Guardian Heroes on original hardware and not have to pay $100+ or fight the input lag of Saturn emulators!

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I hear you on Guardian Heroes, what a great game and a shame it’s so rare. I bought the JPN version after my cousin lost my PAL copy but language barrier prevent me from playing it much.