GCN controller adapter enables interesting control options on Switch when used with adapters

The joycons are a marginal step up from what the Vita had for “full control experience” on a portable system but the analog sticks are still awful. I’d honestly prefer two 3DS slidepads to the awful analogs on those things.

The lack of d-pad is an ongoing problem despite reshelling mine to have a d-pad. I’m looking forward to the revised HORI left dpad joycon for that.

Can’t imagine ever wanting to use them for connected-to-TV play.

Yep I love the smaller sticks too. Less throw means more comfort.

I have no issues with precision, they’re smaller but have the same number of levels of nuance. And the games that need massive precision use motion aiming anyway, so best of both worlds at once :wink:

I never play handheld really, I’ve disliked handhelds since the original Game Boy, shoulder buttons on a big fat thing just don’t work for me. When travelling I play tabletop.

However I need that 8bitdo DIY controller for Fighting games. Buttons dpad is fine (almost better in some ways?) for Wonder Boy/Axiom Verge/Tiny Barbarian etc, but not games that roll between directions.

I don’t mind the joycons on the go, they got the job done for most games, but I always prefer the Pro controller at home. For my weapon choice and playstyle in Splatoon the joycons are damn terrible. Besides the lesser precision of the small sticks, I learned I absolutely need the left hand to stabilize the controller while I simultaneously stick aim, gyro aim and rapid press the right shoulder trigger. After hours of trying I could only do a slow, sloppy and very uncomfortable version of this holding two separate small controllers.

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