Bliss-box - Use most of your original retro controllers on PC, PS3, One, and 360

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So I just bought the Mega Man Legacy Collection for Steam and I was getting annoyed with using my Xbox 360 controller to play so I did a little research to see the best way to hook up my old controllers. I decided the bliss-box was the best solution.

This is a driverless adapter that lets you use just about any controller all the way from Atari to PS2/GCN using custom HDMI connectors. You just need to buy the right adapter. Keep in mind this isn’t a USB hub. The only USB connection is from the blissbox to the computer. It’s able to use aspects of controllers that I haven’t seen in other USB adapters, like VMU and Rumble compatibilty in Dreamcast controllers. I was surprised when it worked with my wireless RetroUSB NES controller.

It’s a little pricey at $55 for just the base board and about $120 for a bundle with 18 cables, but you definitely get what you pay for.

This item isn’t very well known, so I figures you guys deserved to know.

Here is their site of you want to check it out:

Ask me if you got any questions about it! :sunglasses:


Wait… this lets me use a Saturn controller on the PC? What’s the lag like?

When playing Mega Man Legacy Collection I didn’t notice any. It was super responsive especially for a demanding game like Mega Man.

Gonna test a Gamecube controller with some 3D platformers next.

Can the paddle support UP/DOWN mouse axis?

Thinking of BIT.TRIP.BEAT.

Yup! Using x360ce you can configure the controls any you want.

That is what I want to know about. This seems like a great product that that one thing could mean it’s useless.

I bought two Raphnet Saturn adapters about five years ago. Great adapter that’s compatible with a lot of different Saturn peripherals but kinda fragile. In fact, I’m down to one now… Raphnet hasn’t stocked the things in over a year, so this might be a worthwhile alternative if my other adapter goes.

Y’know that reminds me, I still have one of those USB Saturn controllers. They’re pretty comfy.

There is basically no lag since this is a driverless control hub. Everything is direct and if there is any lag it’s more than likely coming from the emulator.

I had two of the official SLS ones. They seem to wear down a lot faster than original pads (at least they did for me anyway). The d-pads lost percision over time and the shoulder buttons stopped working altogether.

Raphnet has some quality products. This would definitely be a good replacement for their discontinued adapters.

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I bought this on Ebay, search for “Sega Saturn Controller to PC Dual USB adapter for SS Converter Mayflash 2-Port”.

Plug and play in Windows 10, no hassle or input lag I can notice anyhow.

I own one too. The box claims it works with the Saturn 3D pad, but that’s not quite the case. The analog stick does register analog input, but the triggers only register digital. If you’re only buying one for digital pads, it’s sturdy and works well. Just don’t expect it to work 100% with the 3D pad.

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Did not know the triggers didn’t go analog, I only used the 3D controller to play Resident Evil 3 on a ePSXe emulator, that thumbpad analog stick works surprisingly well with the tank controls!

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Thanks for the info on this and the other ones mentioned. I was thinking about building a cabinet for C64 and Amiga once my current cabinet is finally complete. Maybe building in a joystick connector won’t be the worst thing of the build with something like this:)

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Some of Mayflash’s product, like the Dreamcast adapter, do not fully support the controllers. VMU support and Rumble don’t work with the Mayflash adapter.

And instead of buying a ton of different adapters with varying degrees of compatibility, you could just buy one of these.

After doing a bit more testing I found out it supports the analog buttons on PS2 controllers as well and has full rumble support over dinput for any controller that supports it.

This is pretty damn impressive.

Looks like it works with PS3, 360, and Xbox One as well! Updated the thread title.

That’s a game changer! Wow.