How a TV Works in Slow Motion (Video)

A technical breakdown of how a CRT works using a Phantom super-slow motion camera.


This is porn.

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Huh. Never knew what CRT stood for

Finally seeing individual scanlines

I had never thought about the fact that only the line being scanned would be lit up. It makes 200% sense of course given the tech but the illusion is so perfect in the end.

Unbelievable that tech is from the 1920s.

That is just amazing. Thanks for posting this! Should go in an OP somewhere. And yes, absolutely astounding that this is century-old tech.

Wow this is beautiful! Love the CRT stuff but even the modern TVs were interesting too!

Saw this video yesterday, it’s really cool and interesting!

Actually… the zoom in on the individual pixels reminded me of our logo! @New002 :slight_smile:

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Me too. It’s pretty amazing.

I watched this the other day. Even though I knew how CRT and LED /OLEDs work I still found it very interesting see them in action, slow motion style.

Was lookin for good slo-mo footage of CRTs recently, this is great!

Really cool vid. I know it wasn’t the “focus” of the video, but I wish they had spent more time on the video games.