The "Let's Show the OSSC in 4k!" Thread

Now some people I’ve known in the past have gone so far as to claim on a 4k panel the games look just as good as Sony’s best BVM tube. I had one guy on shmups post a set of reference pics for comparison, but he’s since removed them and I don’t have any other sources to go by. I’ve a request to see pictures or videos running in any number of modes, especially x2, x4 to show that this thing is legit enough?

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I’d argue that BVMs are not some gold standard. Those extra sharp scanlines are not for everyone. There’s something really cool about the look of 240p when you go below 600 tv lines of resolution on a CRT. Different people like different looking CRTs. Sometimes I prefer a nice soft consumer set to my ultra sharp PVM 20L5 for example.

But I really hope we get some pictures in this thread. OSSC + Oled at 4K tends to look pretty spectacular in photos. If you’re into s sharp looking image, you won’t be disappointed.

Now I think that gold standard belongs to the old pc monitors, but I’m not sure how many people focus on those since 240p and scalers aren’t native enough to cover their interests. Funny they’ll still take an emulator sharp broadcast monitor from Sony any day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now I’m somewhat confused on the posting of this since it was only here for a day or two, but nobody seems interested. Did folk’s personal interests change or something? Part of the reason this thread is separate has to do with a reality that we’re not going to have crt’s around forever and when that day is gone, people can cry and be “My crt is dead, so I’m gonna quit this hobby” or they can start getting themselves over on future proofing themselves so they can keep enjoying said hobby. I’ve already seen enough videos from Phonedork, Bahn Yuki and others that they can get displays that look absolutely brilliant on their Sony and NEC models, but they have also shown the sharpness of HD sets when done correctly (key phrase) will do so much to improve upon this. I don’t know, maybe I wasted time typing this?

Well I’ll leave it up in the air for you guys, I’m moving on.

People post OSSC 4K shots often in the Scanline thread:

Have you checked to see if the shmups post is on the wayback machine?

I think that thread is focused on crt posts rather then full blown HD sets. I’ve tried separating the topics a little for what the focus is based on.

I’m not sure if the pics will show due to being on another server host, but I could try to check.

Edit: No file unfortunately.

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an oled is still just a fixed pixel led screen like any other hdtv, just with better black levels. i dont see how it makes such a huge difference to a digital input like an ossc, emulator or re-release of an old game on say the ps4. an integer scaled image of the same game with any of those will look as good as identical between a 1080p or 4k screen or a standard hdtv and an oled. crt’s will be around long enough that by the time they die we will have moved onto microled and other scalers.

I guess the better black levels may help with the “scanline” effect if you are generating them.

it still doesn’t help to improve how a scanline can be of variable width, their appearance affected by the tvl or the mask / grille type of a particular crt or how you can get the smaller vertical scanline on the non blanked lines. crt shaders in retroarch look better at 4k but even that isn’t enough resolution to really make things look accurate, nor do they hold up in motion in the same way as a crt, stuff like that only really looks good in still shots.

better black levels can only be a good thing but that alone doesn’t bridge the fundamental differences between a crt and modern screens. nor will scalers, those are just a way to get devices to play nice with modern screens and get round the lack of 240p support and give the user more granular control over how the image is scaled.

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Well of course, but as a differentiator I can imagine why people feel that, because of the better blacks for the areas between the scanlines, an OLED would be different/better than “any other hdtv” for retro games that use them. I wouldn’t make the claim of it being better then a BVM but I’m sure there are those that think that, and through processing you may be able to get more of the softer look some people prefer of consumer/lower tvl sets as well.

More to the point, there are a lot of words in this thread and little pictures. I’m not helping…

i guess my point is that oled panels by themselves are not enough to make content look like a high end broadcast monitor. in fact i would argue that you would get much closer to that effect by using a shader like crt royale kurozumi on a standard mid range 1080p hdtv than an ossc + oled setup.