How do the different versions of these games compare?

Were you ever curious about how different versions of a game compare, only to find the game is obscure or unpopular there’s no in-depth comparisons of its various versions? problaby not but this has happened to me a bunh of time. More specificaly, I’m curious about the following:

  • Shellshock (Ps1/Saturn)
  • Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels (3DO/Saturn/PS1)
  • Defcon 5 (3DO/Saturn/PS1)

Videos of these games exist on Youtube but I don’t find youtube videos an ideal way to compare version differences due to emulation innacuracies, difference in recording setups or that things like glitches or control differences can’t be clearly demonstrated through video. I’ve seen 3DO fans claim that console’s version of space hulk and defcon 5 to be the best, but I’ve found that outside starfighter, claims of 3DO having the best version of multiplatform games range for highly subjective to total balooney.

so yeah, it’s a shot of the dark but if any poster here has information on the above titles, it would be appreciated. (and if anyone else wants to chip-in with their own “requests”, that’s fine too!)