How is the DS version of Resident Evil

I’ve heard that this is actually one of the best versions of the original Resident Evil, which is one of my favorite games. REMake is great, but I consider it another game. The original has a certain PSX era charm about it.


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I’d like to know this too. I picked up a copy of Resident Evil: Deadly Silence earlier this year, but never got round to playing it and that was, funnily enough, because I couldn’t pick between classic mode and the rejigged mode. I never played the original game, or its GameCube remake, so I’m not sure what the “best” way to experience the DS version is through the lens of the original.

I had no idea this even existed!

After some googling I’m not finding a whole lot on it but I did find this video that breaks down some of the cool new features.

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I recently got this and played for a couple of hours. It runs/plays well, but it’s kind of rough-looking. The DS has even lower res than the PS1 and you don’t get the benefit of a CRT or scanline/analog filters in an emulator to soften up the picture. Perhaps it didn’t help i was playing on a DSI XL which blows up the image further. It may be better suited to the regular DSi/Lite screen. I prefer REmake but I’d still recommend this if you wanna play RE on the go.

FYI this game is kind of not cheap these days.

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Thanks for the impressions! Would you recommend a first time player try classic mode or the new mode? I played a few minutes of both when I got the game and I was glad Classic mode still includes the ability to quick turn.

I was also playing on DSi XL. The quality of the FMV and audio probably didn’t help either. Luckily the menus look great since it was that period where text was still made to appear sharp rather than downscaled from higher resolution assets.

While it doesn’t look any better than the PS1 version, there are a bunch of gameplay differences that make it much more playable nowadays. First, you can reload without going into the menu or waiting for your clip to run out, you have a quick turn which was first introduced in re3, you, a dedicated knife button that makes using it much easier, and you can skip the door opening animations as well.

if you’ve never played it before and want a vanilla experience then classic mode is the exact same experience as the PS1 plus the gameplay improvements. Rebirth is a remixed version with different enemies placements, more ammo and enemies, puzzles were redone to take advantage of the touchscreen, and knife battles were introduced. These are first person knife fights against certain bosses that play out in first person and has you using the touchscreen to swipe and stab the enemy as well as deflect attacks.

It’s a neat package and definitely a great way to play RE1 if you don’t mind the portability.


Cheers, I’ll begin with Classic then! The first person sections make me wish Sega released the DS adaptation of Typing of the Dead over here…

It’s time.