I'm impressed with the site presentation on mobile


I didn’t even know there was an app! Downloading now…


before that, are you able to get into settings/notifications to see how it’s set up?


In the settings for this site, it says I denied accepting notifications for the browser I’m on right now. I do not ever recall doing that for RGB. More notable though is that in the Chrome settings where you can manage blocked and not blocked sites, I do not have RGB in either list. I don’t think it ever asked me if I wanted notifications? Possibly turned off on the server side?

The sites that I do get them from are all https. They also use port 443 for notifications. These include Quarter To Three (a Discourse site), Facebook, Washington Post, etc.

Looking at safari on the phone, I have “Block Pop-Ups” turned on. That would have blocked any pop-ups from this site or Qt3 is my guess. That would explain why I never saw them there.


Same here. At least the notifications work on desktop.


I don’t think block pop-ups would matter. The notification alert would be presented by the browser not by the site.

I think it’s the lack of https.


What URL did you add to make them work on the desktop?


Chrome notifications rely on service workers which rely on https.

They would probably work with the discourse app.


I did nothing specific. I’m on Firefox, clicking the icon at the left of the url shows that I gave it permission. That’s about it.

notifications firefox

It’s because I knew there was notifications on the desktop that I originally asked for them on mobile.


A security setting in Chrome is keeping me from using notifications for RGB. The option to turn them on is greyed out when I do the same click you did in Firefox in Chrome. Likely due to the lack of https.


Same here, but I usually use Safari on macOS+iOS so i’m unlikely to use these notifications.


Any feedback on the suggestion about using Https on RGB?


Here’s how it can be easily done: https://letsencrypt.org/getting-started/


I don’t have a time frame on this yet, but I am interested in getting it done at some point in the future.

No date planned as of yet though.


Https has been enabled.


Indeed! I just received a notification for it :slight_smile: