Android, Firefox, "add to home screen" doesn't work

I recently switched from the default Chrome browser to Firefox on my Android phone, and I’m now trying to redo all my webapps with that browser. But I can’t seem to be able to do our forum? I have no problems with other webapps like Wikipedia.

I also use Firefox on android and that works for me by doing menu -> Page -> Add Page Shortcut

No, I meant

It opens the website in a dedicated, undecorated window, outside the browser and have it behave like an app.

Hm, and that’s weird, after I deleted the webapp from the home screen and the app drawer, now when I create it again in Chrome it only appears on the home screen, not the app drawer any more.

Thanks for the feedback. I will investigate.

Something odd is happening on mobile to the logo as well. I assume the software was updated today and broke some stuff.

Btw Firefox on Android works with the notifications! It’s super cool

Yea that is cool.