I'm impressed with the site presentation on mobile


I pinned it on the home screen of my android phone, and it looks and behaves just like an app. It’s very efficient, I’m impressed.


Agreed. Very happy with this and Discord. I really like the image uploading feature. Damn near impossible on mobile gaf.


No but seriously, I tried to pin other websites, and they only make a Chrome shortcut, while this one is its own little independent session without the address bar, tabs or menu.

Actually there is one thing missing, and that’s notifications. On Firefox, the tab gets a dot to notify me that there has been an update, so the function is here, somewhere.


I find it much more user friendly than Resetera. Feels more like an app than a mobile site. Pretty sweet.


This thread prompted me to pin the site to my homescreen and it’s awesome.


We still need to fix the icon. But yea, it’s pretty much app-level-quality otherwise.


Also just pinned this to my home screen. Thanks!


I see GAF has started using new forum software and is now similar to RGB. but not as good.


I can’t help but think it never would have happened had Reset Era not had better software than GAF.


So I’m on mobile (Android) and have the site pinned and I just realized that when I’m using the app version of the site it won’t go into landscape mode. Just me?


It rotates for me on iOS… Any other android users care to comment?


Hang on. I don’t think Era has better software than GAF. Far from it. Definitely not on mobile.

But they’re both far inferior to what RGB uses.


No rotation here either. Android 7.1.1.

Can we have notifications next?


Like what kind of notifications? We aren’t an app.


Web browsers support notifications these days. They work even after the site or page is closed.

Safari requires a different approach but also supports them.


Could you post an image of notifications on your browser so I know exactly what you mean?


edit: the settings is already there, user preferences > notifications

depends on the browser and OS, so here are some google searches (i’m not palming you off, it’s the best way for you to see a range of images). of course the user is always in control of what they see, you allow the notifications and can revoke/silence/delete them from browser prefs at any time.

chrome desktop notifications
firefox desktop notifications
safari desktop notifications

or for a smattering of everything:
browser desktop notifications

it seems to be supported by discourse since v1.3:

but it may require the site to be https:// but you can do that for free through https://letsencrypt.org

happy to help if you need it


right, it’s a per browser setting. And I can’t seem to enable them on mobile. Very strange.

[edit] cleaned up the cookies and stuff, permissions are still denied. I’m asked to allow them via my browser setting, but that’s already done.


I’m not sure I’ve ever been able to get Discourse notifications to pop up on mobile. It’s only ever been a thing on a desktop/laptop browser for me? I use Safari on the iPhone though I do have Chrome installed.

I do see the drop down from my avatar icon in the top right get a number of new threads I’ve either started or replied to for me to check out. That works in mobile.


I think on iOS it would require you to have the Discourse app, as well as this domain being https?