It’s the it’s time I learned how to use a soldering iron thread!


I’ll definitely be following this thread. I recently got an iron in one of those soldering starter packs on amazon. I also bought a couple of kits to learn on, digital clock, small speakers, etc. my end goal is an RGB mod on an original nes.


The only difficult part of the nesrgb mod is removing the ppu which is an entirely different task to learn!


And is super annoying to do without the proper tools. A copper braid isn’t a proper tool.


I got a beat to shit Mario Paint cart as part of a bundle a couple days ago. I was more interested in the SNES and Super Game Boy it came with, but I open everything I get to take a look. It needs a new battery (ordered some holders), a new cap, and at least two new resistors. I’m 50/50 on if it will even work it’s so bad. I’ll post before/after pics when I’m done, hopefully with a working cart!