FS: Modding Services.

I’m going to start offering my modding services for a very fair price to get my name out there. I’ve done a lot of mods now including: NES recap, NES RGB, NES RGB palette flashing, SNES RGB, a CPS2 Digital AV, clock/multiplayer port for the Super Gameboy, lots of CPS2 Infinikey installs, and even wiring up modern arcade sticks to work with DB-15 connectors for superguns.

I pride myself on clean work and solid craftsmanship.

Price can be sorted out on a case by case basis but right now I’ll be doing it on the cheap.

I’m open to doing any work you can think of if I can find reference material online for it.

Hit me up!

I’m in the US based in Maryland.


image image image image image


Will keep you in mind for my next mod job. Think my NES needs it’s cap replaced soon.

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I am halfway to deciding installing Darksoft’s CPS2 multikit is too much trouble so I might hit you up. Are you in the US?

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Yep! I’m US based in Maryland.

Clean looking work in those pics. You’ll definitely be my go-to person next time I need anything done.


Thanks! I’m working to improve all the time too.

Yes my first impression also is that your work is very clean, well done!

Much better than some of the hilarious hot glue mess I’ve seen being charged a premium for in the past :sweat_smile:

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Thanks! When I was first learning about the hobby I watched a lot of Voultar’s videos where he was reworking botched mod jobs. Saw a lot of what NOT to do.

It’s funny though. I recently picked up a Hori Hayabusa fight stick. I cracked it open to look into modding it and I noticed that the pcb that everything is wired to is covered in hot glue. So… apparently some things come from the factory that way. :joy:

Wow this is awesome. I’ll keep you in mind once I buy the Genesis RGB Bypass amp since my Model 1 has some bad jailbars. I’ve been meaning to do it myself but my soldering iron is junk and I’m nervous I may mess something up. I’ve honestly been waiting to see if someone here would offer their services and I’m sure glad you have.

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Awesome, let me know! I’ve been wanting to do one of those.

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Omg you’re local. This changes everything lol. May hit you up about about some mods.


Please do. I live in Frederick.

I wondered when you’d notice this :sweat_smile:


Guess that is another benefit, being in Northern VA myself. Will try even harder to find something to put you to work on.

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Yep, I’d be happy to meet people in person if they’re local. Could always meet up at Cartridges galore or something.

I had @Danexmurder mod my Nomad with a cap kit and a new LCD screen.

I was very happy with the result, screen is crisp and clear and he did a fantastic job. Highly recommended.


Thanks so much for the opportunity to work on it!

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