It's official. WE ARE A CHARITY! (And other updates)


Hi all,

As many of you know, we have recently been approved by the IRS as a legally recognized 501( c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization!!! It’s been a long time coming but we finally made it.

With this update, as requested by many of you, I have created a button on the site in the upper right hand corner that allows users to submit a one time donation, or subscribe to monthly donations using either paypal or a credit card.

Even though we also have a Patreon going, I would prefer that users opt into donating via the button on the website from now on if you have no preference. We will certainly keep the Patreon going for all those who prefer paying that way, however, Patreon takes and keeps a sizable percentage of your donation, whereas Paypal takes far, far, far less. So this will be the way we prefer you to pay going forward - but again, it’s entirely up to you.

And remember, no one at Retro Game Boards accepts a dime of your donations. Everything that has been donated so far has gone towards (1) server costs and (2) funds in excess of those costs have been going into our charity’s bank account which will be entirely donated towards providing video games to sick children in hospitals.

If you have any questions, please let me know. And thank you all for continuing to make this place those most chill, civil, mature, charitable, and enjoyable video game forum on the internet.




Wonderful. To all those involved thanks for making this happen.


Great news to finally be able to share!

Big thanks to @Peltz for leading with the paperwork and thanks also to @BTails, @D.Lo, and @Socksfelloff for being a great team.

I’ll be switching over to PayPal today. I remember when I first pledged, the total went up significantly less than the dollar amount I pledged; good to hear that won’t be the case with PayPal.

Thanks everybody for donating and keeping this site running :slight_smile:


Awesome! Will switch over my patreon pledge shortly.


Nice, donated!



The other left :sweat_smile:


I could have sworn it was actually on the left the first time I saw it, but then moved the first time I saw this thread…


Oh yea… got some feedback that it would look better on the right side, so I switched it.

All feedback on the new icon is welcome. Right now, I’m just using Paypal’s default icon, resized slightly. But we can adjust it.

Personally, I’m not satisfied yet with its placement or style so we may rework it.


Doing god’s work, Peltz. Congrats. I need to be more involved here. My retro gaming itch has lessened some of late. But I’ll be back.


Thank you for this Peltz! Combining the love of retro video games with charity is something special. Always happy to be part of this and helping others :slight_smile:


Looks untidy on mobile?

How about a nice pixel coin next to the search button?




This is a great suggestion. I’ll play with the mobile site a bit more to see what would be best.


Also that is a good way to trick people into clicking it since they will want to know what the magical coin does.


Exactly my thinking.


I like this idea actually.