Retro Game Boards is 100 days old.

Congrats everyone! We made it through our first 100 days. Since we’ve started this place, I think we have become one of the most civil and cordial video game communities on the internet. Certainly, it’s been the nicest forum on which I’ve ever posted. Every post feels like it contributes to the shared enthusiasm for our hobby and makes this place a bit cooler, day by day.

I know it’s going well because over the past 100 days, I have never come here out of a duty to run the website. Instead, I come here every day just enjoy the conversation. Running the website and taking care of the back-end stuff feels more of a natural byproduct of just enjoying being a member of the community and getting to participate in the discussion. The website belongs to all of us and it’s everyone’s posts that make it feel like home.

Thanks again for taking a chance on it and creating an account and posting cool stuff. There’s not a single person who posts here who isn’t a truly valuable member. I simply want to say the following: I’m enjoying this a lot and couldn’t be happier to be a part of this.



Thanks for the forum!

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Can I make a thread about gender politics and the rise of post-modern conservatism in the retro games arena yet?

I’m plan on putting the blame on everyone besides me, blowing things way out of proportion and never admitting I’m wrong.

My thanks to you and the team for creating an awesome place for us all to gather. It’s a really great community here and I’m proud to be a part of it!

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Only if you can also prove why street fighter is racist and why the Sentinelese people from Andaman islands are under represented in retro video games.

Completely eliminates any need for me to use resetera or neogaf.

Awesome board and community

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I kinda agree. I don’t really care about new games nearly as much. This board is one of the most chill places I visit online and its great. I am sure people here have their own ideas about the runnings of the world but we put that aside for the real important topics like the rise of Neo-Fascism in Bionic Commando, why we should own a Saturn and the N64 has a deeper bench of games than I gave it credit for at the time. These are the important issues of the day and it keeps me from reading a 200 page post about monster hunter world and still can’t find anyone to play with.

In time, I think it might for me. This place still needs more fans of older Western formats (C64, Lynx).

But I love this place and it’s off to a great start with great chill people.

Cheers all!

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Thanks! I appreciate the Retro focused discussion. It’s mostly non-existent at my other daily forum (, so I love checking in here to talk retro with you folks. I enjoy looking in on ResetEra too, but it just moves too fast to keep up!

Anyway… the retro march continues. 8bitdo SNES controllers for the Super Nt should arrive today!

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I’ve made it a point to own a Lynx this year. I’ve heard great things about Chip’s Challenge and some of the arcade ports.

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Chip’s Challenge is great!

Congratulations everyone! Just want to echo Peltz and thank everyone here for making this such an enjoyable place to read, post, and hang out.

Much love,

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raises a beer


Same here. Just check Resetera once a day or two for news, but this is my new go-to forum. Havnen’t been to GAF in a while now.

Congrats! I’m having a blast on the forum and am glad to be here.

Congrats and thanks to everyone that made this board possible. It’s such a breath of fresh air coming in here and the discord knowing there’s no drama, just talkin games.

Man, time flies. Happy to apart of this great community :smile: