Majora's Mask Holiday Travel Guide

This came across my feed and I thought it was pretty cool. It is basically a travel guide “sponsored” by clock town of tourism inviting people to come visit.

How delightfully bizzare, just Like MM!

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This should’ve been how they wrote the manual to the game. It’s the perfect tone.

I really wish I got to experience MM when it came out. It would have been so cool to jump into a new Zelda game and find out its this bizarre ass rom hack.

I didn’t play MM untill the 3ds release and at that point I was well aware what I’d be playing

It was pretty special. First time a game felt like an art-film in some ways. There were quirky Japanese premises before, and even very clever cinematic game worlds (Silent Hill), but this was 8 1/2 or Jacob’s Ladder.

As a kid, I couldn’t really get into it. I was expecting a traditional sequel to OOT, and wasn’t really able to wrap my head around the 3 day mechanic.