Micro Mages for the NES, did you back it?

I did. If you want to, better hurry as the campaign ends in 20 hours.


Been watching it for a while and been going back and forth on it. It looks really cool and i love the art/movement, but really don’t think I like the primary gameplay situation of the constantly moving screen. Sorta like how I could never get into the Adventure Island games even though they played really well because the core of the game just wasn’t something that appeal to me.

Really wish that wasn’t the case since the game looks and sounds amazing.

Never seen this one before. Color me intrigued.

I probably won’t back. But I may be down to buy the cart. Love that they got 4p coop into it.

I’m tempted because it looks superb and the making of was fantastic.

I did! :slight_smile:

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It sure looks cool. I can’t free up $46 right now with Christmas right around the corner, though. Might do the ROM just so I can play it. The game itself definitely looks pretty playable.

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Wow, this looks amazing. Looks like a cut above a lot of other enthusiast projects. Backed it!

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Is the game widescreen? It seems that way in the video in the OP.

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Cropped for the presentation. The game has a normal aspect ratio as seen in the second video and the kickstarter page.

Gotcha. I think I’l grab this one.

But considering it’s not going to ship until June, I’ll hold off until they’re able to get it produced with less lead time. I don’t like to preorder stuff that far out. I understand kickstarters are a bit of a different beast, but it looks like they met their goal already, so I feel good holding off.

I hope the game lives up to its potential. It’s exactly the type of thing I’d love to play on my NES.

It looks amazing and I’ll definitely play it. I don’t really want to dive down the rabbit hole of backing indie projects again, especially on consoles. I’ve been burned a couple times in the past, and I’ve decided to stick to buying games only after release.

10 hours to go

Backed the digital version!

I know myself enough to see the ability to dawn an eye patch and wooden leg post release. So, for the price of a pint of ale at the local watering hole (+$1 tip) I’m glad to back this for a digital download.

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From their latest update:

Pre-orders after the Kickstarter

If you missed the Kickstarter, we are currently looking into how we are going to handle pre-orders after the campaign. They will help us gauge further demand and produce the right amount of NES cartridges. The digital (ROM) version will become available again, too, if you prefer to play the game on PC or other platforms.

We will post another update when we know more. If you follow our Kickstarter page, you should be notified of any news.

Bumping this because I played it recently. It feels really good so I went ahead and preoredered it now even though I decided not to be a kickstarter backer. Still not the biggest fan of the moving screen but enjoyed how tight the controls felt as well as the look enough to go ahead and do it.

As a side note, another good looking NES homebrew/new game is Full Quiet. Made by the same guys that did Haunted Halloween 85 and 86, which are both are really good. It’s also another game that’s kickstarter has passed but there is other ways to preorder it if it interests you.

Yep, I backed it. There’s something about this particular game that really clicked for me. It feels like the devs really “get” the NES and designed a game that feels right at home on that system.

Have they given any updates on a release date?

You mean on sale for the non-backers? It should happen once all the preorders are fulfilled. We don’t know when that will happen. They’ve received the shells 10 days ago and were finalising the prints (boxes, manuals, labels), which according to the latest update should be done by the end of the month.

Sorry, I should have clarified. I was asking for backers. I backed the ROM only but I think(?) they’re releasing it all at once.

Yup. I read somewhere that the ROM is ready and 100% finished but they wanted to release it to the public at the same time the cartridge version are shipped so that everyone can enjoy it at the same time. So if you selected the “Rom Only” option then you won’t get the actual rom file sent to you digitally until the physical carts are released to the other backers via mail (which I believe is April last time I checked).