Modern Gaming - Physical Game Collecting


I stopped selling about the time of the Dreamcast generation. I flipped two Neo Geo consoles before that and regretted it both times. I learned my lesson and keep it all now.


Physical all the time here as I want to actually own my game and not just a rom or iso file. Yep, I can sell my games in the future if need be. Can’t do that with digital. Plus I love having the box.
I also find having g something physical makes me put more time in to the gam and appreciate it more than if it was just a digital file.


On modern PC it’s Steam all the way, and I mostly buy on sale. I still get some physical editions, very rarely, for some games. Usually it’s because I want a box to display, and I like the idea of installing a massive game from a disc instead of waiting for several hours for the download to end.

On the 3DS it’s a little bit of both. I buy adventure games on cartridges so that I can commit to it, then store it away once it’s done, but games I know I’ll get back to often I buy digital. I’m used to the convenience of having everything in the pocket thanks to flash cartridges for the GBA and DS, and unlike on consoles I don’t want to have to juggle with cartridges too much when I’m on the go.

I’m not sure how I will behave when I get a Switch. Everything is available digitally, and most everything has day1 patches. I don’t think I’ll bother with cartridges, but you never know, the OCD may be very unhappy with that decision.


I know how you feel. It’s strange, but a physical copy feels more special to me.


I’m like that as well. If I have something tangible, something that’s going to sit on my shelf I’m going to play it and put some serious time into it. A digital game just doesn’t feel the same to me. I think it’s the same reason I prefer to buy games rather then borrow from a friend.


I understand this sentiment, but for whatever reason I don’t really share it. Digital or physical doesn’t really make a difference for me anymore. I probably used to feel the same at some point though, and like I said I certainly understand it.

If I trusted everyone’s online system like I trusted MS’s I’d be all in on digital, but as it stands I still opt for physical on the PS4 (when I had it), and the Wii U.

My ideal was Microsoft’s original proposed approach, where the retail discs were simply keys to unlock a digital file. That way I could have my library 100% digitized but still have the official cases and artwork on the shelf. It was a win/win for me personally.


Its pretty funny how this is appealing to me now. I wish they did something to it so you could also trade it in or share it with a friend. Like revoke your license if it was ever claimed on another xbox and then claim it again once you got it back (if lent out). I think this would have been so clutch but no way way publishers would have gone for that. It could have been very beneficial this gen due to most people really needing good broad band to go digital and they might not have lost as much as they thought they would. They could also track how many times said key was claimed. I think they infer it now, but they could track each and every game with what I suggested.

I think there is not as much reason to be excited about boxed content due to nothing really being in there anymore. If XBL ever went down, you couldn’t patch in bugs and such so I am not sure it really matters outside of a few companies that wait to release physical editions till its full patched (some indies, LRG etc).

@Socksfelloff and I were talking about this the other day. I don’t know if he flipped back and got it, but we were both balking at the idea of spending $70 for Cosmic Star Heroine. With very few exceptions, I don’t see the point to buying indies physically. Especially on the Switch where you might not want to juggle too many games around when you are out and about.

Ultimately, I don’t want to be overwhelmed with games. I like having the retro games that mean something to me in a physical format. I do this with books a lot and most of the time I read my books on the kindle and yet for the ones I really love, I want a hard bound sitting in my book shelf. Same with retro games. I want that physical copy even though, I am probably going to play it on my everdrives.

With Modern games. I have best buy gcu. Its nice getting $12 off and if it turns out I don’t like the game, I can usually recoop a lot of my cost. I always buy 1st party nintendo physical because they are evergreen and I know if I am in a pinch, I can liquidate a lot of my games for top dollar.


The death of GCU has really put a damper on my last bit of motivation to buy phsyical, which leaves me in a bit of a conundrum with my Switch, because I don’t like buying digital on Nintendo consoles. I’ll probably just wait for solid physical price drops now instead if jumping in early.

Funny enough I tried to digital road with books and a Nook, but went back to books. The Nook was awesome , but I just couldn’t get into it.


Nintendo games don’t really drop in price unless it bombs like that Metroid game for 3DS. I am going to buying a ton of physical games (mostly nintendo 3DS & Switch) before my GCU ends. I am almost going to pre-order as much as I can for the year after my GCU ends.

I really like the Kindle. I have seen the Nook but I never trusted Barnes and Nobles to be around. I have the paper white and its one of the few digital devices I have ever seen that didn’t make my eyes strain when reading on it. I think it was the Harry Potter or maybe Lord of the Rings that broke me of wanting to ever want to read big heavy books. I have an injury on my right hand that actually hurts if I hold a thick book too long. The Kindle is so light I can read comfortably for hours.


Yeah there are definite benefits to e-readers for sure. I kind of wish they would have won me over, but it’s alright. I still enjoy opening up and reading a book so it’s cool.


I think the other thing is, I like to read in bed and my wife hates having a light on. So the fact that my e reader has a back light truly made it a game changer. Its funny I have to use my glasses a lot when I am on a computer screen but I never have to for the e reader. I don’t really have vision issues perse. My eyes get strained easy on the computer and the Kindle doesn’t do that at all.


Yeah those e-ink screens are the jam for extended viewing. Cool that your model is backlit!


Honestly, it’s so depressing opening a physical game and seeing no inner art and no manul. Nicalis is really doing it right for switch.

Note: their $70 limited run (not LRG) has a manual. I probably will return my physical copy and get the digital