Limited Run Games - Cosmic Star Heroine

I have already accepted the fact that I am not going to be able to get one. I am completely bummed about this as its the one LRG that I actually wanted. Reading below, limit 2 per customer. WTF?! So Its possible that most people won’t get one.

Just knowing I likely won’t be able to get one makes me completely upset and its why I have never bought a LRG at this point.

Shit, even Owlboy SE had a limited number of copies and were already gone by the time I heard about it.

At least you will be able to get a normal edition but with all the work they did to make this one special its a real shame that its going to actually be a limited run instead of a pre-order situation.

Hey @Kawika and welcome to collecting.

It’s all horse shit and we are all idiots for doing it.

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Yeah, I got to have a Saturn box with CSH printed on it. It will cost me $60 more + shipping that getting it via steam.

LOL, if I don’t get it, I can take some solace that I saved a few bucks.

I honestly believe this is coming to Switch and the same package will be offered. I hate to admit it, but the Switch is my new vita and I want all my indies on either this machine or my pc.

The advantage of the vita is it was a failed niche platform outside of Japan. The prices on physical games for vita have steadily been increasing already

Is this game any good? Playing battlechasers now so it’ll be a while before I dive into another rpg.

I read that as Battlechess and got really excited for a second lol.

They bill it as chrono trigger meets phantasy star and it’s reviewed quite well.

Buy it on steam, see if you like it. refund. :wink:

If so, buy it on LRG.

I have this digitally (PS4, Vita). It’s a great love letter to 16-bit console RPGs. I appreciate how it doesn’t just take influence from SNES stuff but also TGCD and Sega CD. Keep in mind it’s super linear compared to pretty much every old RPG, though. That’s not a bad thing but people might expect something different in that regard because of its appearance.