Mummy Demastered |OT|

Release Date: 10/24/17
Price: $19.99
Platforms: PS4, XBOX ONE, PC, SWITCH
Developer: WayForward

Metroidvania style game following a special forces soldier.


Game looks fucking cool. Wayforward gets hated on, for some reason unbeknownst to me, but I like their stuff.

I have no idea why the hell this has any relation to the movie, though. That shit came out like half a year ago and sucked.

I’m about 33% done with the map so far and two bosses down. Really fun so far and while maybe more simplistic in map design the backtracking feels more manageable which I actually really enjoy.

I had to re-read the OP a few times to understand what’s going on lol.


That’s what Metroid: Samus Returns should’ve looked like.

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I definitely want to play this. I know it’s available on Switch, has it also been released for PS4/Xbox One?

Yeah, I’m a huge Wayforward fan as well. I’ve heard this one compared to the Aliens DS game quite a bit, which was a great game.

I uh… I swear he photoshopped that! I’ve been thrown under the buss!

Also check out Alien: Infestation on DS for a similar licensed game from WayForward

What’s a buss?

IT’S A CANADIAN BUS. We add the extra S to account for the dart in our mouth bud (I don’t smoke)

Please stay on-topic.

Agreed. I can’t imagine this having a huge budget. Just imagine what SR could have looked like with proper pixel-art…makes you wanna drool I tells ya.

Should be out on everything. Also came out on PC as well on Tuesday. XBONE, PS4, switch, PC should all be out.

I think I’ll end up going Switch on this one. I’d buy it on PC, too, if it came out on GOG… but no dice for now. Oh well.

Yeah, this is like the exact kind of game I want to play on switch so I was never even tempted to buy on something else.

Do we know if Jake Kaufman did the soundtrack? He usually lays down the beats for WayForward’s stuff, and he’s good as hell… so I’m hopeful.

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So this is what everyone was talking about, it looks awesome and I want it.
Also, great OT

Those screenshots look cool!

Is there any word on a physical release for this (PS4 or Switch)? I haven’t been paying attention to it at all.

There are several games I’m sitting on waiting on that that are currently digital only. Stuff like Golf Story that seems like LRG would get a hold of if they start doing switch stuff.