Megaman 11 - Coming in late 2018 (Switch/PS4/Xbox/PC)


Was just about to post this. Looks like it’ll be hitting every major console: PS4, Xbox, Switch, and PC. Kawika, I edited your thread title to add the platforms :wink:

Not to mention.

All 8 MMX games are coming to modern platforms and MM Legacy Collection 1 (yay) & 2 (boo) coming to Switch with Amiibo Support.

Fantastic news all around. I love Mega Man.

I’m so buying this, maybe for Switch and/or PC!

I’m excited for a new Megaman game but I’m not sure I like the new art style.

It has a bit of a Mega Man: Network Transmission look to it.

This is what I don’t understand. Who is your Target demo? People who play old Megaman games. What do you think they want? A Megaman game. Why do you need new art? To sell to a crowd that is likely not going to buy your game anyway.

Personally, I would just use the Sprite art from MM7 and just expand it to 1080/4K resolutions. Use the power of modern consoles to do really high end pixel art (neogeo/saturn on super steroids). I really never liked the look of any 2D game in modern graphics. Sprites are all you need, baby.

Cool, Thanks. I was trying to get it up in a hurry.

I’m excited about this. Interesting that they made sure not to use the word collection. My guess is that they would split the releases into three releases:

  • Vol 1: X1-X3 (SNES games)
  • Vol 2: X4-X6 (PSX games)
  • Vol 3: X7 & X8 (PS2 games, released as bundle everywhere except PS4 where they’re released as “PS2 Classics”)

I hope this turns out but I think the visual style looks super ugly and generic.

Game informer teaser.

I don’t think they would do that for PS2 to PS4. If they did, there is no way I would buy that anyway. I probably should just buy those on PS2 since I forgot all about them.

I prefer the retro MM9 and 10 look, but as long as the final product here doesn’t look like a flash game from Newgrounds then I can look past the graphics.

Hopefully it’s just as difficult as the previous ones, or includes a difficult (retro) mode to it. I don’t think I need multiple checkpoints or save states in my mega man game.


I don’t have any faith in Capcom anymore outside of Monster Hunter and I’m not digging the art style but I’m Really hoping it’s good. I wish they kept the 8 bit aesthetic like they did for 9 and 10 but I guess I’ll take whatever Megaman I can get.

I like the art art style so far. It’s not perfect but at least they’re trying to emulate 2D art with little touches like the 'toon faces on the enemies and it’s not generic and ugly looking like Mighty No. 9.

So far I prefer this style to Yet Another Famicom Rockman, but it could use some polish. Given the release date, I’m sure we’ll see some. It definitely looks nicer than Mighty No 9, and the mechanics look surprisingly in-line with the FC games from the video.

I’m optimistic.

Excited for a new Megaman game, not excited for the look of it though. It has that Mobile game feel to it which I can’t stand.

I hope it gets a physical release.

It will but likely after you bought the digital version.


Yeah, that is really frustrating.

I’m hoping they improve the visuals and animation, but I’m not too bothered by the overall style. I actually prefer it over another 8-bit throwback. My ideal look would have been a continuation of Mega Man 8.