NES/Famicom Appreciation Thread - Playing With Power, Then and Now

ah cheers, about what i expected then - just need a 72 to 60 pin adapter, easy enough

am i right in thinking that a us n8 pro everdrive via such an adapter would use the extra sound channels on that hardware, though? i ask cause i wanna say i remember having to find ROMs with the FM synth intact for my master system everdrive after getting the board installed, i figure fami or fds roms should be fine but wanted to make sure i got the best sound out of this thing!

New 72 pin replacement option for front loaders.

It claims to be under $20, but you also need to print, or buy, a 3d printed part and solder 228 pins. Aimed more at the tinkerer/diy audience than an off the shelf product for sure. Maybe one of the retro retailers will eventually sell it as a prebuilt kit.

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Someone can’t just clone blinking light win?

I guess it’s just too niche to warrant full manufacture?

Yeah, good question. It looks like a similar one has beta units out for testing as of a couple months ago:

i prolly should’ve picked up a blinking light win ages ago when they were fresh out
is it safe to assume they’re pricey now?

They’ve been out of stock for a while now. I’m not sure if more are planned or not. I haven’t really kept up with them after I got one.

There’s a better alternative in the works. NES Drawer I think. No death grip either.

I posted about it at ERA.


Same one as above? Will keep an eye out.

My refurbed one works okay but more reliable would be good.

Preorders for the Slotmaster are open, shipping early to mid-May. $30 for ready to install, $20 for diy, not too bad imo.

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