The Super Nintendo |OT| Thread - SNES is what SEGAIN'T

Welcome to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Official Thread. Come in! Grab a pad! You’ll be safe from pesky blue hedgehogs in here. Coming off the success of the Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo realised that they needed to release a console that would rival Sega’s Genesis/Mega Drive and hence the SNES was born. Offering an extensive game library rich in memorable sidescrollers, lush RPGs and so much mario, feel free to discuss all things SNES right here.


Here’s all the boring technical stuff for all you electronics nerds out there.


   based around a 16-bit CMD/GTE 65c816. Console provided the CPU with 128 KB of Work RAM.

    The CPU also contains other support hardware such as:
    interfacing with controller ports.
    generating NMI interrupts on Vertical blanking interval.
    generating IRQ interrupts on screen positions.
    Direct memory access unit, supporting two primary modes, general DMA (for block transfers, at a rate of 2.68MB/second) and Horizontal blanking interval DMA (for transferring small data sets at the end of each scanline, outside of the active display period).
    multiplication and division registers.


    Sound Controller Chip: 8-bit Sony SPC700 CPU for controlling the Digital signal processor running at an effective clock rate around 1.024 MHz.
    Main Sound Chip: 8-channel Sony S-DSP with hardware ADPCM decompression, pitch modulation, echo effect with feedback (for reverberation) with 8-tap FIR filter, and ADSR and 'GAIN' (discretely controlled) volume envelopes.
    Memory Cycle Time: 279 ms
    Sound RAM: 512 kilobit(Kb) shared between SPC700 and S-DSP.
    Pulse Code Modulator: 16-bit ADPCM (using 4-bit compressed ADPCM samples, expanded to 15-bit resolution, processed with an additional 4-point Gaussian sound interpolation).
    Note - while not directly related to SNES hardware, the standard extension for SNES audio subsystem state files saved by emulators is SPC_sound_format(.spc), a format used by SPC players.


    Picture Processor Unit: 15-Bit
    Video RAM: 64 KB of VRAM for screen maps (for 'background' layers) and tile sets (for backgrounds and objects); 512 + 32 bytes of 'OAM' (Object Attribute Memory) for objects; 512 bytes of 'CGRAM' for palette data.
    Palette: 256 entries; 15-Bit color (BGR555) for a total of 32,768 colors.
    Maximum colors per layer per scanline: 256.
    Maximum colors on-screen: 32,768 (using color arithmetic for transparency effects).
    Resolution: between 256x224 and 512x448. Most games used 256x224 pixels since higher resolutions caused slowdown, flicker, and/or had increased limitations on layers and colors (due to memory bandwidth constraints); the higher resolutions were used for less processor-intensive games, in-game menus, text, and high resolution images.
    Maximum onscreen objects (sprites): 128 (32 per line, up to 34 8x8 tiles per line).
    Maximum number of sprite pixels on one scanline: 256. The renderer was designed such that it would drop the frontmost sprites instead of the rearmost sprites if a scanline exceeded the limit, allowing for creative clipping effects.
    Most common display modes: Pixel-to-pixel text mode 1 (16 colors per tile; 3 scrolling layers) and affine mapped text mode 7 (256 colors per tile; one rotating/scaling layer).


         Size Specifications: 2 - 32 Megabits (Mb) which ran at two speeds ('SlowROM' and 'FastROM').
		 Custom address decoders allow larger sizes, eg. 48 Mb for Star Ocean and Tales of Phantasia.
		 Certain Cartridges contained enhancement chips such as the Super FX, Cx4, DSP 1-4 series, GB-Z80, MX15001TFC, OBC-1, S-DD1, S-RTC, SA1, SPC7110 and the ST010, ST011 and ST018.

and of course…



SNES VARIETY (or how nostalgia has clouded our perception and understanding of good colours, design principles and cartridge shapes)

Your SNES came in 6 delicious flavours!

Classic Coke


Ah! the default classic look first released in Japan. The colours on buttons, rounded corners, grey grooves, slender cartridge, obscure box art. Admire it! Appreciate it! Accept it!

Diet Coke


Similar to the Super Famicom aside from the unfortunate fact that it runs at 50Hz with black borders. Poor thing. Mostly found in remote regions of Europe and the deserts of Australia.

Grape Coke



Radical! To distance itself from its European and Japanese siblings, the USA SNES took on a unique “Not for kids yo! Far out! Gnarly! Badass!” look to stay cool and relevant in that region. Can be found in US college dorms nationwide.

Mellow Yellow Coke


Limited Rare exclusive edition Super Nintendo console! Only a certain number of consoles released are available in this colour. How do you know if YOU have one? Just wait 5+ years and see if you’re the lucky individual with a Super Nintendo that magically transformed itself into the colour of a light shade of smelly pi-

Those small Coke cans you get on airplanes
(Only available on internal US and Japan flights. Sorry Europe)

snesjnr snesjnrJap

Boasting great picture quality, The SNES/Super Famicom Jr released at the end of the SNES lifecycle with a new, slimmer, lighter look. There was never a PAL version released.

Limited Quantity New Coke
…that scalpers buy in bulk and resell


The Super Nintendo for 21st century casuals. Comes with 2 controllers and 21 games including 1 unreleased SNES game titan “StarFox 2”.

Games available on all region models:

Contra 3: The Alien Wars
Donkey Kong Country
Final Fantasy 3
Kirby Super Star
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Mega Man X
Secret of Mana
Star Fox
Star Fox 2
Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Super Mario World
Super Metroid
 Yoshi's Island

Games exclusive on European and North American models:

Kirby's Dream Course
Street Fighter 2' Turbo: Hyper Fighting
Super Castlevania 4
Super Punch-Out!!

Games exclusive on Japanese model:

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem
The Legend of Mystical Ninja
Panel de Pon
Super Soccer
Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers

NOTABLE GAMES - Get ready to take out a second mortgage

Finally! The best part! The games right?! Sadly your sheer excitement for collecting SNES games will soon evaporate once you realise that its long past the golden cheap era of SNES game collecting and you’re now required to sell your own kidneys to save up for that mint, CIB, never been breathed on copy of Earthbound.

Just wait for the inevitable retro video game crash of 20XX like the rest of us…or start harvesting!


Here’s a selection, a little taste if you will, of what the Super Nintendo offers:-




The finest original nintendo hardware peripherals and add-ones.

Add some more grey plastic to your gaming experience.

Super GameBoy

Super Scope

Super NES Mouse

More Goodies!

SuperCIC Mod

Want to own one SNES that handles every single game with no borders/region/chip restrictions? You need the SuperCIC. This clever modification enables you to run any game from any region by identifying and bypassing the CIC chip on the cartridge.
No more uncertainty. No more ugly flip switches on your console. No more multiple SNES consoles in your collection that caters to specific regions. This thing works with the Super Gameboy 2. I know because I got my SNES modded for this reason.

More info:


A beast of a flashcart. We know you’re a hardcore SNES fan. Don’t settle for anything else and grab this bad boy. Supports more games (some special chip ones) than your conventional Flashcart and its open source! Not to mention it also supports MSU-1. More about that later.

More info:


Oh! That was quick. I thought we were going to talk about…Oh really? like, now now?? Oh for the love of G- Ever wanted to play Road Avenger but couldn’t because you wouldn’t want to be seen dead near a SEGA console? Well, now you can thanks to MSU-1. Using emulators or the SD2SNES, you can now play the SEGA CD title that everyone on the playground didn’t rave about!
Crisp FMVs, CD-Quality audio. All thanks to the MSU-1! What are you waiting for? Don’t you wanna listen to the F-Zero X Guitar Arrange CD Soundtrack while playing F-Zero? or what about the Metroid Metal soundtrack during Super Metroid?

And Finally
check out these guys playing Super Nintendo back in the day. I wonder how their lives turned out.

(From Left to Right: Paul Rudd, James and Dave Franco)


Still want to get a SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive?

Yeah I didn’t think so either.


Amazing OT. My SNES is half “Limited Edition Piss colour”, and half normal Grape variety. I really should visit that other thread about whitening my consoles!

Final Fantasy 3, Super Metroid, Zelda, and Sunset Riders are probably some of my favourite games on the system, so glad to see the shout outs. Also, I remember seeing that Phalanx cover in the video store all the time and wondering what the hell it was, hah.

Super Nintendo is by far my favourite system. Except when it’s actually Playstation 1. But the two are so close that it’s hard to choose. There’s a ton of great games out there, and picking up a Flashcart is a great idea, because SNES might be tied with the Sega Saturn for the number of amazing games that ended up being exclusive to Japan. The win goes to SNES though, because so many of them have been translated now thanks to the magic of the internet.

Here’s some “Hidden Gem” games that not everyone may have played:

  • Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues: Have you ever been playing Contra and thought, “Man, I wish this had dinosaurs to kill…” Well, wish no more! This game is basically Jurassic Park Contra edition. It’s super fun, and SUPER hard, with great graphics/sound, and a really impressive animated opening.

  • Ghost Sweeper Mikami: A great Japanese-exclusive action title based on the anime of the same name. Have you ever wanted to fight ghosts as a kickass anime vixen in a tight dress? Well now you can! I don’t know if this has a translation out, but it’s perfectly playable in English, and a really fun game, though quite easy.

  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Crossroads of Time: This one’s also available on Genesis (Which I believe was the lead platform). Imagine “Another World” or “Flashback” meets Star Trek, and you’ve got a pretty good idea what this game plays like. Awesome stuff.

  • Clock Tower: In Japan, the Clock Tower series actually began on the Super Famicom with this great horror-adventure. A really well done English Translation patch is available, so if you like exploring spooky mansions and running away from a guy with an oversized pair of scissors, play this! In all seriousness, this is a great game, which also got ported to Playstation in Japan as “Clock Tower: The First Fear”.

  • Goof Troop: A puzzle action game by Capcom that is amazingly fun in co-op. It’s actually the spiritual successor to their Pirate Ship Higemaru series from the Arcade and Famicom (hence all the pirates in the game!), and is also notable for being one of the first games designed by Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil, Vanquish, Evil Within, to name a few).

Hopefully those recommendations intrigue some of you. Looking forward to more discussion about Playing with SUPER Power!

Beautiful op.

Awesome OT! Unfortunately it’s been made completely obsolete with the release of the SNES mini.

Nice OT layout (although I hope the jabs at Sega don’t cause a console war here.) :smile:

Huge SNES fan here. I got the system not long after launch. In 1995, I won a contest where I was invited to a local Yoshi’s Island unveiling by Nintendo. It was neat but I felt out of place being the oldest one there (not counting parents). And I was only 20 years old.

Goof Troop is without a doubt one of the best co-op games ever made. Some time ago I recommended it to a friend and he ended up playing the whole thing with his 10 years old daughter. Which was surprising honestly considering kids that age only care about their phones 99% of the time.

Jabs at Sega were only done for good fun and light-hearted humour. I was going to include a disclaimer to state this but I figured that RGB members were smart enough to understand. We all love our consoles regardless of which company manufactured them :slight_smile: Sega are just as much as part of the history and culture as Nintendo :smiley:

Also, finally finished the layout/image alignment of this thread. Phew!! Thanks for the kind words all!

Very nice OT @SupaNintendoChalmers.

I got a SNES very late in its lifespan. It was bundled with Donkey Kong Country, so it was either christmas 94 or 95. I finally became the kid with both a Mega Drive and a SNES!! …right as the next generation rolled out lol. Still had a ton of fun with it back then and rented games for it like no tomorrow. I still have that system, but these days I’m playing on a SuperCIC modded Super Famicom for that 60Hz greatness.

I bet when you were dead broke man, you couldn’t picture this

Killer OT by the exact right user.

Grape Coke lol.

Maybe add the SNES mini at the bottom as a note?

SD2SNES on a SuperCIC modded SFC using RGB scart on a Sony Trinitron CRT. Yeah I’m living the big life now haha!

I like the Super Nintendo and think it’s great.

Great OT!

Damn that was killer OT, great job OP

Incredible work OP. I wish I still had my SNES. I should look into getting a new one. If I’m lucky, I may even get a SNES Classic one day.



Recently over the last year I’ve been getting into SNES and its pretty good. Lacks blast processing but hey it makes due! The CPU is something that really drags this system down, noticed some incredible slowdown on the more action oriented titles, its the kind of games I like to play and Its no wonder the RPG genre is so rampant on this machine. Still I gotta give props when developers are able to pump stuff out like Rendering Ranger, a game that definitely pushes the hardware. Can’t wait to cover some games for it on my channel! Cool introduction btw!

few months back I went through the fan translation of Famicom Detective Club (I think that’s it?!) and had a good time, Phoenix Wright fans should hit that one up!

My fuck I played some Steven Seagal Is: The Final Option tonight and it’s fucking baddddddd.

You all should try it!

I was about to finally play through Earthbound on the SNES mini.

Then Metroid was released. Then Mario was released.

Man I prefer droughts I can get into my old school long term backlog more often…