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I’m on a quest to own a solid library of all worthwhile GC games. Some new pickups:

And the rest of my library:

(Almost a year without posts!)


That’s a nice collection so far. And some sweet pickups. :slight_smile:

I recently got a Japanese game myself since I have an Action Replay disc so I can run them on my PAL GC. But then I remembered that Japanese games might need their own memory card. So I started reading up about this online but I couldn’t find a clear answer. Some said it was on a per-game basis, other said that it’s only when switching the cards between consoles of different regions etc.

So what is the deal with that? How have you solved it? Do you have separate memory cards for JP games and other regions?


You’ll be fine if using an Action Replay.

The memory card issue is primarily on modded US consoles, or swapping between multiple consoles.

US and Japanese consoles can be modded to run the other’s games very easily with a simple switch. Both NTSC consoles have both bioses present, and the mod switches to the other. But since they’re hard modded, they boot from the start in US mode or Japanese mode. And since it’s running a Japanese bios, you get prompted to format the memory card to that region, or vice versa.

Using an action replay or freeloader to boot out of region games avoids this issue altogether. Since the card never sees a Japanese bios, it never wants to format it. And Japanese save files can coexist on the card with western ones just fine.


Ah perfect! I did find some info similar to this but since there was so much conflicting information I wasn’t sure. Thanks!