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I’m on a quest to own a solid library of all worthwhile GC games. Some new pickups:

And the rest of my library:

(Almost a year without posts!)

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That’s a nice collection so far. And some sweet pickups. :slight_smile:

I recently got a Japanese game myself since I have an Action Replay disc so I can run them on my PAL GC. But then I remembered that Japanese games might need their own memory card. So I started reading up about this online but I couldn’t find a clear answer. Some said it was on a per-game basis, other said that it’s only when switching the cards between consoles of different regions etc.

So what is the deal with that? How have you solved it? Do you have separate memory cards for JP games and other regions?

You’ll be fine if using an Action Replay.

The memory card issue is primarily on modded US consoles, or swapping between multiple consoles.

US and Japanese consoles can be modded to run the other’s games very easily with a simple switch. Both NTSC consoles have both bioses present, and the mod switches to the other. But since they’re hard modded, they boot from the start in US mode or Japanese mode. And since it’s running a Japanese bios, you get prompted to format the memory card to that region, or vice versa.

Using an action replay or freeloader to boot out of region games avoids this issue altogether. Since the card never sees a Japanese bios, it never wants to format it. And Japanese save files can coexist on the card with western ones just fine.

Ah perfect! I did find some info similar to this but since there was so much conflicting information I wasn’t sure. Thanks!

Picked up a couple more GC games:

I’ve wanted a copy of Path of Radiance for such a long time.


So I just listened to the Retronauts ep on Luigi’s Mansion, which I had never played. They really made me want to try it! I have a GCN only for the GBP (and I have a copy of Metroid Prime). I am thinking maybe I need a few actual GC titles…

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Never seen a Player’s Choice with dual languages on the yellow label!


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Luigi’s Mansion is a lot of fun. Very limited in scope but it really succeeded in what the developers set out to do within that scope.

Path of radiance is my favorite FE by a long shot. Worth every penny :raised_hands:

I have mixed thoughts on Luigi’s Mansion. It lacks a certain flow that I expect from a Nintendo EAD game but also has tons of charm.

Scope is indeed small but not an issue if you keep your expectations in check. In many ways, it feels like an awesome tech demo that they made into a retail game. I like it a lot, but don’t love it.

The sequel on 3DS was thoroughly excellent though.

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Luigi has so much personality in Luigi’s Mansion. It really expanded that character greatly in Nintendo’s universe IMO.

Very true. I forgot that’s where he really started to become his own character. His pose in SSB64 (the shy kick pose) was all we had prior.

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My favorite part of the game is how he hums along to the music

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Oh yeah… that and the Game Boy Horror, which is a brilliant little insertion into the game for its Nintendo nostalgia, are excellent character and world building additions. The controls and the ghost catching are really an amazing use of the dual analogs, too. Few games use dual analog for anything other than just control and camera, but as always, Nintendo thinks outside the box and with their first dual analog controller come up with something inspired.

The Gamecube in general does not get the due it deserves for pulling Nintendo into the modern era of game design. When you look at how the graphics especially came of age for many of their biggest (and not so biggest…) franchises on the Gamecube, that’s really where everything they do so well today began.

Wind Waker, Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, F-Zero GX, Smash Melee, Strikers, Double Dash!!, Metroid Prime… these are the foundations for the modern Nintendo 3D game characters and more specifically their animation. It’s the main transition point from 2D to 3D for them because N64 was so rudimentary by comparison. Looking at Wind Waker today informs everything they’ve done ever since with Link and that cast of characters having such incredible facial animation and body control. Everything from there forward is a refinement.

I would love to make a video showing how Nintendo 3D has evolved. I think you have to look back to one of their competitors for the inspiration for it all as Virtua Fighter, Virtua Fighter 2 and VF Kids really show what could be done in a simpler setting, but yeah, Nintendo broke into the 21st Century with the launch of Gamecube. A lot of people were too caught up in launching nukes with PS2s to notice.

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I love the GameCube so much. It’s such a perfect little box of fun with a bunch of really great games.

Couple that with the fact that the GCN era established Nintendo’s fundamental console architecture from 2001 until 2017, and you really begin to see how important the hardware was overall to their software development.

Anyone played a lot of Killer7? I did back on release - borrowed a friend’s copy of the game which I returned.

The PC version released today, and while it looks like Engine Software did a solid job, all I’ve been thinking about is how weird it’s going to feel when played with an Xbox One controller. Did the game benefit from the GameCube’s clacky analogue stick and button placement or am I talking nonsense? Might order a copy on GC, you see…

I’ve got a NTSC-U GC version, you could borrow that if you only want to play it again?

Don’t worry about it. I decided to pick it up on PC in the end! Appreciate the kind offer though.

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