OG Xbox Appreciation: Life is Short, Play More (Across Three Generations of Xbox)


I won’t since it’s a great console!



Those links should help you out.


Played a bit of NGB on the One today. Haven’t played this since about… 11 or 12 years maybe? The game looks unbelievable for such an old title. I mean, I know it was top-of-the-line impressive at release but wow, it still looks amazing. I realize the xbone is uprezzing it, but even still. And what a blast to play still.


Glad to see we have a small Xbox community in here. We should include a little link to a guide about tunneling/LAN and recommended games. I’ll see if I can throw one together.


Anyone a fan of Urban Chaos: Riot Response? It’s an arcade-y FPS by Rocksteady. It’s one the few Xbox first-person shooters to not also come out on PC.


I always wanted to play that game!


That’s around what I have right now. 2nd most in my collection. Such an awesome system.


I’ve played it and it’s one of my fav shooter campaigns on the original xbox. There’s not much to write home about the voice acting, visuals, art style, story or anything like that. It has one of the meanest pistols in all of gaming. Rocksteady nailed the feeling of a powerful feeling/sounding pistol. Also the riot shield which the game is centered around is THE BEST implementation of a riot shield in gaming, period.

On a side note. I bought another Xbox off kijiji to add to my collection. The bundle included 4 controllers and the seller told me he would include a few games he has lying around if I wanted. Turns out it was a huge stack of games(including basically all the Xbox star wars games). A lot of them have ebgames stickers but for $35 dollars to get a console, 4 controllers aaaand all those games I’m not going to complain


I realized I really want to play/own Steel Battalion.


It’s a fun game and immersive as hell. I wish I had too. Especially now since I own a good crt to play it on.

And here’s the games that came in the haul below


It also helped that it had the best console multiplats of that gen like 95% of the time so I usually go for the Xbox versions.


The hdd helped a lot too. Even in the rare games that were basically parity the hdd helped speed up load times so much.


Nice! I have a soft spot in my heart for Sudeki. Loved that RPG.


Yep, and it’s even better if you install games to the hard drives as it improves load times even further they say.


Team Ninja elevated the Xbox so much. They were wizards that gen.


Thanks OP! I received the Xbox as a Christmas gift in 01 along with Splinter Cell and Jet Grind Radio. Since then I’ve bought two more systems and over 150 games. I fired up Outrun 2 and Panzer Dragon Orta earlier this year and they still hold up. The only non game I own is a system reset disc.


I have so much content for Sudeki that I need to go through, basically parts from its entire development history. Really interesting stuff. This video shows one of the earliest builds that was shown to the press.


I have Sudeki but never actually played it. Maybe I should change that?


I’m actually playing the Baldur’s Gate Series on the XBox. After beating the 1st one, I am currently playing Baldur’s Gate 2 with the secret characters. It is a fun game for sure.

As for Sudeki, is it better on the XBox or for the PC via Steam? I always want to play the definitive version of a game so I was just wondering…


Sudeki had a remaster on the PC back in like 2010 that was released on Steam and GOG, so that version looks amazing. The Xbox version of Sudeki is no slouch either, and had a healthy dose of Xbox special effects, where neon colors really jumped out on the screen with all the explosions and magic effects.

GOG Sudeki Remaster Trailer