Old web browser games from the late 90s and early 00s?

Anyone used to play these? What were some of your favorites?

Mine was this one:

image https://i0.wp.com/www.mediafire.com/convkey/789a/f2dnm6hvcv9eq9hzg.jpg?w=770

Candystand golf. It was on Shockwave.com back in the day.

There was also this really cool basketball game on Bonus.com but I cannot even find a screenshot of it these days.

I used to play games on Popcap before they were bought by EA. Bejewelled, Peggle, and Plants Vs. Zombies are some of the best ones.

A little less known one that I really loved is called Seven Seas. It’s a very basic strategy game. You’re a ship in the ocean, on a grid, and there are a number of pirate ships. You move or shoot, and each turn you take, they advance towards you.

It’s a really cool little game, super simple.

One of my favourites was always Mystery of Time and Space (MOTAS), a really cool “escape the room” style game. Not sure if it’s still playable anywhere these days but it’s great.

I also loved Shockwave stuff. Most of it you could download as visible cartridges to use in ShockMachine downloaded to your PC. Shockwave Tetris was great and had amazing music. There were also a bunch of South Park games like make your own Mr Hankey.

I always got a kick out of some darker mini games available on JoeCartoon (frog in a blender, hamster in a microwave) and ZooAss (kick the kitty). StickDeath had some good stuff too.

You’d love Palm OS because the majority of those early Popcap games were ported over. Seven Seas included!

I have fond memories of playing Fly Guy (2002)

And Samorost (2003)

One game that I’d not heard of until recently is Pickle’s Book (1994), a charming Japanese thing. Maybe half toy and half escape room?

It’s still available on iOS and also in the browser (flash required!)

About it

Play in your browser

image image image image

I actually played Bejewelled on Palm and a Sony Clie first, before ever visiting the Popcap website!

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There was a dope 3d jet fighting game I used to dig. Can’t remmebr the name anymore