Old gaming websites that have stood the test of time

I read that Moby Games turned 20 last month!

What other sites are still around from the early internet period?

gamefaqs still has content but has changed many times since I was writing and submitting FAQs in the mid-late 90s.

Any others?


Planetquake and Gamespot have been around since 1996.

Doesn’t look like Planetquake has changed its design since then, either… LOL



GameFAQs has been around since 1995.


I was going to make a thread about Tsr’s NES archive sometime soon


Really started me on the collecting path…

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If it’s over eight bits, don’t touch it!


Blues News is still around. I used to use that as a news source quite a lot in the late 90’s

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Ooh wow, I haven’t been there in many years! Hasn’t changed at all either haha

Well damn, that was a regular site for me back when I played Quake 2 pretty seriously. Impressive that it’s still online and has archives available all the way back to 1996.

Because I’m a bit of a digital pack-rat, all of my bookmarks have traveled with me from college in the 1990s to present day (Netscape -> Mozilla -> Firefox). And I’ve never deleted any of them. This thread compelled me to click a few in the “Games” folder that I haven’t touched in years. A sample of what I found to be working and active:




I have a bunch of others, but maybe I’ll stop there. Poking around for the past half hour took me down a lot of nostalgia trips and made me miss the days of websites that were focused on a specific game series or company. Like the Ultima Dragons ( http://www.udic.org/ ) or Square Haven ( http://squarehaven.com/ )

Yeah, a lot these websites look pretty primitive today, but I rather like the aesthetic and reminds me of a time when we were all just figuring this shit out. It was a lot of fun.


Sterling work! Sounds like a great set of bookmarks you have there.

Just realised https://fantasyanime.com/ is still around - I remember stumbling across the site when I got big into checking out the 90s console RPGs I missed out on when ports like Tales of Phantasia hit the GBA back in 2006.

They’ve got a page on Terranigma which must have slipped by me back in the day.

There’s also http://gaminghell.co.uk - not so old but it still feels retro in spirit.


I haven’t posted there in almost two decades but it’s still around. It’s a Looking Glass Studios (and related games) fansite.

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I was a news guy at Evil Avatar http://www.evilavatar.com back in 1999. That’s where I got noticed and started my freelance career with Computer Games Strategy Plus magazine and went on to bigger and better things. Still there!

Quarter To Three is about 19 years old now, too. I’m a regular on the forum there. PC gaming focused…

I’ve worked with Tom Chick at many publications in print and online.

I was actually searching a bunch of my old stuff on Friday after a discussion of how I got started writing. The website I built myself and would hand edit is in the Wayback Machine…


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How old is hardcoregaming101? They refreshed the design a short while ago, still going strong (and releasing tons of retro gaming books nowadays).

Related, a music site I started in 2001 and handed over to someone else, who handed it over to another guy, is still going strong. Same design, code and html as when I created it.

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I really dislike the new design of Hardcoregaming101, the old on the other hand was great. Ofcourse the site itself is pure quality.

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I agree. It appears that the move to the new site wasn’t very well planned. Manual migration of all that content! Are you kidding me?

Agreed, the new layout isn’t as good. Also, @D.Lo wrote for them a while back and I believe they removed his name from his work, while keeping the work on their site. Not a good thing to do and kind of senseless for what otherwise was a great site.

I still read them from time to time, but it’s not very intuitive to navigate and the accreditation issues just seem mean spirited (provided I’m relaying the story accurately from memory).

I think it was just an accident, it was my Meikyuu Jiin Dababa review.

https://hg101.kontek.net/dababa/dababa.htm (on the old site)

I was going to contact Kurt but it kind of felt petty or something at the time? Maybe I will…

I basically stopped contributing when I started my own site four years ago. But the reason for the layout change was to make it more ‘blog’ like as it encourages more clicks, or something like that.

I just can’t fathom in this day and age with the computers and software we have at our disposal, that people still migrate huge sites manually. Out of choice, or ignorance, or stuborness. Blows my mind.

I’d contact him, because the amount of things falling through the cracks when re-entering content like that must be huge. I’m sure he’d understand.

…“re-entering content”? Did they retype everything?!