PS1 Appreciation/Collectors Thread of Ugly-Ass Polygons


There’s all the way from 480p to 1080i but in my experience very few games worked forced 480p and when they did there were all kinds of glitches, parts of the screen cut off etc.

PS1 games output their native res on a ps2. Freemcboot doesn’t offer any options for PS1 games although it does make it easy to swap discs to play burned PS1 games.

My preferred option for ps2 on a flatscreen is actually a phat PS3 with BC. It actually does a terrific job deinterlacing and I use component cables into my OSSC to add scanlines.


My old panasonic plasma used to deinterlace PS2’s 480i signal so well. I swear it looked exactly like 480p.

Now I just play on a CRT. I don’t mind the noisy signal after a certain distance from the screen.


I know we’ve both said it before but ps2 is the console to have a crt for.


By HTPC you mean Home Theater PC? I have one of those but I’m just a stickler for using original hardware… I find PS 2 emulation to be awful in many cases.


I found 480i on the framemeister usually looked quite good. I assume you have things set to deinterlace properly w/ smooth scaling?

I’ll echo that forcing video mode on ps2 rarely works. 240p is an option but worked even less often than 480p.

Even when it works perfectly games run at the wrong aspect ratio – most ps2 games are 512px wide with a fat PAR whereas the 480p mode runs with 640px wide no matter what and will display the games with a slightly skinny PAR w/ borders.

Even with games designed to run at 480p you’re often looking at lower color depth or a 512px wide backbuffer blurry scaled to 480p (VRAM was very tight on PS2).

It’s really best to just do what you can with 480i.


Yeah for example, set RE4 to 480p on on PS2 and behold MAX DITHERING


You might want to consider getting an ossc at some point. I really can’t go back to the FM these days. But 480i is kinda just ugly because it’s ugly. I resolved myself to play it only on CRTs but if I had to, I could use Bob deinterlacing which is ok for the most part.


Yeah, I agree with you about 480i.


It really depends on the game. A lot of progress has been made but for the games that run well I find it well worth it. Of course for the stuff that’s not compatible I still have a crt with component inputs


Huh, that makes so much sense of what I’ve seen on PS2!


Are all OSSC units equal? Is there any particular make that’s worth getting over others?


Just get whatever the newest revision is. The current model has an HDMI out and digital audio output through it while before v1.6 they had a DVI-D output and only had digital audio through an optional addon board.


Yeah, getting the latest revision with HDMI out already built in. But a warning, it’s not compatible with every tv. If you have a Sony 4K especially. They were trying to make a database about compatible tvs but most of the units are either from NA or EU. I don’t know how many Japanese customers that know English well enough to post on the video game perfection website.

Alternative solution, the guy who did the Dreamcast HDMI mod and Wii and GC dual HDMI mods is making a ps2 hdmi mod and it might be a better solution if you are happy with the FM in general. It’s still in development but should be out this year.


That is the major caveat of the OSSC; TV compatibility. Even beyond just “does it work with my tv” to “will every mode work with my tv”. You can normally find info on it by googling your TV model and OSSC to check to see if anyone has had any issues with it.


Getting deep into Chrono Cross now. This game is crazy long. Can’t believe I’m still on Disc 1.

I can’t imagine how long those 4 disc games must take to beat.


As someone who probably won’t be buying a PS4 till the last second for Kingdom Hearts 3, GSM and widescreen patches are a godsend. Been playing KH2FM and KHFM both English patched in 1080p widescreen and it’s as close to the hd remasters one could ever get on a native PS2


Any opinions on s-video vs component cables (HD Retrovision w/ adapter) for PS1 on a CRT? Can’t seem to find much online about it.


Component, in that context, is exactly like RGB regarding picture quality.


Hm, I guess I’m interested if anyone has first-hand experience with that particular set up and if it was worth the extra expense. Based on my experience with the SNES cables, I’m guessing it might be a waste on a consumer CRT…but then not sure if there’s anything special about the PS1 output that might make a difference. (Thinking about all that SNES 1chip nonsense.)


Ooh I have questions too!

I no longer have a CRT (basically someone threw away my Trinitron without consulting me), so I was wondering what would be the best connection for playing mostly 2D PS1 games on a 2007 IPS LCD Sony Bravia? It has all the analogue ports I can think of: RF, VGA, composite, SCART, S-Video, component…

I’m using composite at the moment because that’s all I have and it’s certainly a sorry looking image…