Konami collections on Switch?

The Castlevania and Contra collections are half off until tomorrow (I think?). Any impressions? I own most of these on OG hardware but having them portable and more stocking up on retro on Switch sounds good…

The Sale ends 12/04/19 at 11:59 PM PT according to the e-mail Nintendo sent me. I know the Contra and Castlevania collections were developed by or in conjunction with M2. I haven’t played much of the collections (I was powering my way through Jedi Fallen Order) but they seem solid so far and I enjoy being able to play them on the go.

They are patched and now fine so go and play them.

I’ve struggled with buying these because I own the games elsewhere. They really didn’t seem to offer anything exciting in them. I’m more inclined to buy the Arcade one, but even that one’s a tough sell. They just feel so half-assed.

I was waiting for these to go on sale on the Switch. Seems like they’re half price on PSN a lot. But I wanted them on Switch since its primarily my retro console and arcade machine rolled into one, and I can play in tate mode.

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Yes! You can build an insanely good and always portable digital retro library on the Switch.

I don’t mind not having extras. I’m just wanting to build a digital retro library on the device.

I’m thinking about the Genesis collection, too. Again, no extras and I own the PS3 collection as well as several of the carts but … Switch.

Keep in mind the Switch port of the Genesis comp has input lag. You can minimize it by playing the games in fullscreen without the fancy frontend, but it’s still there and its noticeable. I say that as one who owned the physical copy, traded it in, and was recently considering downloading it as it’s only 15 bucks. ymmv

Ah, geez, didn’t know that. Maybe worth it for the portable rpgs.

Yes definitely for the RPGs I’d recommend it.

Playing some Gradius 2 on the arcade collection tonight. It’s good, but I wish this collection had scan line options like the others.

(Nevermind, it does have scan lines, it’s just called Blurring in the menu for some reason)

Is it me or they never do the Scanline feature justice in many of theses compilations?

You’re right. As much as I like m2’s work, I don’t like the look of their scanlines in their Sega Ages line or the Castlevania and Contra collections. Hamster does a little better job in their arcade archives line, having around 6 different levels of scanline.

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