Disc Art Thread

Inspired by harborline_765’s recent Gradius V pick up this thread is a celebration of the art you find on CDs and DVDs.

Kicking off with some Gunners Heaven and Sonic CD.


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The trademark jagged edges in Sonic games’ overlays looks so good there as part of the disc art!

While I’m away from my collection I thought I’d, er, repost what I did yesterday!


Love how subtle the design of the disc is and the simple use of colour. Very classy.

I have Gradius V somewhere but I think it’s the PAL release, I’m wondering what the disc art looks like on that release now.

Great idea for a thread! I love disc art. Here are a couple from my collection that I thought of instantly:

Working Designs always had the best discs, but I especially love Lunar the Silver Star Story Complete: gorgeous artwork and Disc 1 and 2 play off of each other nicely.

I also love artwork that takes the disc shape into consideration. Here’s Sierra being a bit cheeky with Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail (bonus Cyber Sniff 2000 card, sadly not smelling like anything anymore).


I’ll bust out some PAL and Japanese Gamecube discs later.

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I really love the artwork on japanese ps1 games.


Sexy Parodious


Please tell me what the scratch and sniff answers were!

Reminds me of bloodborne


Those PSX discs are amazing, love the FFV and Silent Hill designs.

no surprise top tier is repping here


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2 colour on silver


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That Silent Hill disc is amazing.

It’s been 23 years since the game came out, but I remember the scratch and sniff card was mostly good smells, with a couple vile ones. I’m almost positive one of them was a “fart” smell. I think there was a suntan lotion one too?

When you play the game, it’ll prompt you at certain times to scratch one of the numbers, 1 through 9, according to what was happening in the game. I love old computer games for all the fun and crazy stuff they did with packaging and included goodies!



Love how this just looks like a bunch of random abstract shapes until you see the little flag and your mind fills it all in.

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I came across this earlier

Not sure if I like it but with how cool the PSX CD discs are I understand why you’d want a window there.


Didn’t manage to get the discs out last night.

Japanese Saturn is great too, a consistent motif just like PAL Gamecube.

If the wii did anything right it was the disc art

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Oh man, I love this. Can you link to where you found it? I wouldn’t mind modding mine like this.

Here’s the thread:

Looks like a custom cut on the lid.

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