Pushy and Pully in Blockland - 16bit style Switch action puzzler

This just released today on the eShop, looks really fun and colorful, like a mix of Bomberman with a bit of Snow Bros. Might be picking this up if impressions are good:

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Major Bomberman vibes

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Multiplayer Pengo? 1982 by Sega.

Bomberman released in 1983, but didn’t get bomb kick until '93.


I have that on the Sega Classics collection for Saturn. It’s a ton of fun. I spent more time with that than most of the other games.


Yeah Pengo is great.


Great call.
This game has roots 38 years young.


I just read that they didn’t credit or pay their artist. Which sucks.

And also read that the game is a wholesale copy of Capcom’s “Three Wonders: Don’t Pull” (1991, CPS1)

Bah. I don’t mind the idea of retro revivals but they really do need to uniquely justify themselves in design rather than live in the shadow of their inspiration.