The official Retro Core / Battle of the Ports thread

I sure hope this is okay to post here. Mods, please let me know if it’s not.

Many people here know that I run the YouTube Channel - Retro Core.
The channel has a few different shows which are:
Battle of the Ports (Released every weekend, mostly on a Saturday)
Chinese Knock Offs (About 2 to 3 videos per month)
Retro Core (currently up to volume 5. Released every few months)
Random game related videos including gaming pick ups, trips to game stores in Japan, beta builds and so on (Weekly)

I think it would make for good discussion to post some of the channel’s videos in this thread so let’s start off with the latest Battle of the Ports video that is The King Of Fighters '95.


Battle of the ports is a damn fine segment. I’ve been watching it for a while and did not realize until recently that you were behind it. It’s just something I watched randomly at various times but have always enjoyed it.


I mean, Retro Core is awesome in general.

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I love this series! Both the youtube show and the game series. Though I’m much more into the even years. I’ve got 94, 96, 98 and 2000 on MVS carts. Unfortunately I only have the PS version of this one. I always meant to eventually find it on Saturn, just never did find it at a good price. I passed on this on PS2 to get the collection on Wii instead. Anyone have any idea how the Wii version stacks up to the PS2 one?

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I’ve been subscribe to your channel for awhile, didn’t know you were the guy behind it. Love your videos.

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Thanks for the comments, guys. Yeah, it’s funny that many people don’t know that I’m the guy behind the Retro Core Channel on YouTube. People are sometimes surprised when I tell them.

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Retro core is great! If you’d like a tag so people know who you are, let me know!

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Wii is 480p(and 480i if you want that), PS2 is 480i only…therefore Wii is better.

I’d appreciate that very much, thanks.

Ah, but the Wii is emulation. So it could be any resolution I guess.

I read it supports 480p so that’s the highest it can go I guess.

Any idea why they ported it to PS2, but release an emulated version on Wii?

I keep reading conflicting things about the Japanese NeoGeo Online Collection for the PS2. Some claim they’re emulation, some other say they’re ports. One sure thing is, they’ve been tweaked and reworked in many areas. Aside from additional audio and video settings, they sometimes show bizarre changes - lack of floor’s line scrolling in World Heroes Gorgeous, Blue Mary’s cut animations in Real Bout: Fatal Fury… - which still makes me wonder what kind of process they must have gone through.

Can PS2 emulate Neo Geo? I didn’t think it was powerful enough.

It’s like this. The Japanese PS2 version is reprogrammed with online play and so on. The US release was actually emulation and was handled by a different developer. The Wii and I beleive PSP ports are based upon the US PS2 version.

That’s interesting to know, I didn’t think there would be a difference between US and Japanese releases of the PS2 version.

Yeah, it is kind of crazy but true. It happens a lot even back in the 8 bit and 16bit days. On the Mega Drive the Japanese versions of shadow of the beast and Kalax were reprogrammed by Japanese devs and turned out better than the western versions. I think Namco remade Kalax while JVC remade Shadow of the Beast.

That’s really interesting. Do you happen to know if the Metal Slug Anthology on Wii is also emulation then?

That I’m not sure about. Sorry. I do know it has stupid control options though.