Retro AV |OT| RGB, CRTs, Upscalers, and more

Original, I’m waiting for a copy of Kai to arrive from Japan T_T

Kai is mega hard lol.

I know I’ll need to get gud. I find the og quite hard!

Haha! sorry I just figure that not everyone came over when GAF died so I sometimes double post.

Analog Frontiers part 2 is out, looking forward to watching it!

Analog Frontiers is a documentary series about the people and technology that keep classic gaming alive. Part 2 examines the concept of playing older games on their original hardware without emulation, with insights on how long the hardware and games might function, what types of repairs may needed in the near future, and how console modifications have helped vintage consoles adapt to the modern world.

Featured in this episode:
Dan Kunz -
Bob Neal -
Brian Parker -
Jason Rauch -
Zach Henson -
Artemio Urbina -
Jose Cruz -


I enjoyed this one a lot. Interesting tidbits on the laser diodes.

Just finished it, amazing work as always @CouryC & @Try4ce !

Agreed @entremet, my main take away was the MDFourier. I knew it existed for og audio sampling/baseline/comparison but I didn’t know that as a byproduct it could also diagnose unforeseen capacitor issues and laser load/wear.

should be time stamped to the part Artemio talks about it:

Watching this made me want to bust out my soldering iron and recap some Game Gears. Great episode by MLiG.

I found this episode quite shocking and sad. Made me think that people who played on original hardware are even crazier and more hardcore than ever. Long may it last.



I’ve got a MODE hopefully shipping soon. I want to be able to connect my saturn and dreamcast to my HDTV. I see theres a lot of hdmi cables for these systems. Would I be fine with just the cable or do I need something like the retrotink as well.

The only good HDMI cable for the Saturn is the RAD2X (but they’re out of stock) as for the DC outside of a DCDigital mod there are also the HDRetrovision component cables but they’re still in the works and of course a VGA box (if your TV has VGA).

I’d avoid all of the other generic HDMI cables as they are just cheap Chinese garbage that have terrible colour and lots of lag.

I got my Retrotink 2S Pro in the mail today; I already had the Saturn and Ps1 RAD2X cables so I knew what to expect of the upscaling but I’m very impressed by the scanlines filter included! Not sure if those glared cellphone pics do it justice tho


Looks great! What games are those?

Robo Army (neo geo cd) and Blast Wind

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So I just set up my old AVerMedia C281 component recorder. It turns out it’s remote operates some things on my Extron DVS 304.

I’ll try to make time to learn and analyse the signals so a cheap universal remote can be used to control the Extron.

(AVerMedia = Extron)
OK = Select PIP window
INFO = Output 1
STOP = Output 2
LEFT = Color/Tint
DOWN = Brightness/Contrast
MENU/BACK = Decrease vakue 1 (Color/Brightness)
DISK INFO = Decrease value 2(Tint/Contrast)
POWER = Freeze Frame

For anyone waiting for a gcloader or last chance at a wiidual; the leftover stock from the most recent orders are being put up this Thursday. I know I’m going to try to get both. Have an order in for the Wiidual with Castlemania but haven’t gotten a shipping update so worried that that will go though.

Wow. In stock now.

Got a WiiDual, so may have 2 of them otw now. Had the GCloader in cart but it went out of stock waiting for the WiiDual. Not as worried about them since there will be more but still amusing.