Retro AV |OT| RGB, CRTs, Upscalers, and more


That’s standard spec RGB via a VGA connector - same as the NT Mini. Very easy.


Chi-Tien Lui is giving @bodine1231 a run for his money, lol.


Is any crt capable of RGB/VGA/Component NOT worth wrangling up these days as long as it’s in okay condition? Serious question.

Opportunities to get your hands on unique sets like that one are not going to come around twice. It’s one thing if it’s another PVM that is similar to what you already have. It’s another thing to stumble across a lesser known entity like that and let it slip through your fingers. It could be a gem and you’d never know it without giving it a chance. Especially if you’d like to see what old games can look like on something other than an aperture grille.


Well said. That’s kind of what I was thinking but you put it better than I could. Assuming I can get it, it would only cost me the effort needed to get it home. I doubt they would charge me for it. I’ll ask about it today.


Here’s the service manual for it. It lists the dsub15 input as “for computer hookup” so I’m unsure if it will do 15khz 240p/480i through that port. It’ll definitely do at least 480p though!


Yep, 480p was the main reason I’d be interested. I would become one of the people that have multiple CRTs for specific use cases … the transformation would be complete and I would fully cross over to the point of no return…


I personally know a guy who has 6 of them in a 1 br apartment last I checked. They dominate his place from what I understand.

I, myself, have 3, but am likely just going to use my 20L5 going forward for aesthetic reasons (regarding my living space).


Come to the dark side my friend (setup and room are not final)


One thing I love about this place is you all show me rabbit holes I haven’t fallen down into yet. It makes me happy that I’m not completely off every deep end! :wink:

We have our own holes here. There are three PS4s and one PS4 Pro in my house for example. One Trintron and one backup is all I have for retro atm though. :slight_smile:


LOL David right? I’ve given or sold him (for cheap) a total of 4 already, and he picked up two 14" PVMs from the recycling center. My space is small but I got my 5-CRT footprint under control.


I love your setup. That’s a perfect example of something that is at home in a house, but would be overbearing in an apartment.


The PermaTate’d monitor really makes it.


What I know about Davelong - from one thread it looks like he is in California & in this thread I find out he has a lot of PS4s. So what I want to know @DaveLong do you play monster hunter? And if so, why aren’t we PSN friends?


I am in PA, not CA. I also skipped Monster Hunter but my kids are hardcore into it so that’s why we each have our own PS4. I sold one to mine to my oldest and bought myself a Pro to ger him out of the living room so I could play Street Fighter V AE!


Oh I saw something about tracking going from NV to CA. Shrug. Oh well, maybe I didn’t read it carefully.


Yeah. For whatever reason, the first stop for my Super Nt was in CA even though it’s shipping to Pennsylvania. Must be a hub thing.


I’m offended


Sorry, @bodine1231 but when it comes to CRTs and Chi-Tien Lui:

I mean look at all this!


Damn… I want to visit this dude’s shop, but they’re only open 9-5 monday through friday. What the hell kind of hours are those for a store?


Those are pretty normal hours for a small and independent operations that’s been around a long time. Also gotta remember that dude is old and probably doesn’t have business like he did at the peak of analog TV. His passion for this stuff must be what still keeps him going, or else he may have retired years before most of us going into high-end CRT gaming. I’m glad places like that are still around in any form.

I’d like to visit too but they may not take kindly to us! Chi’s clients have been artist types who do analog video art installations and such, and my one brush with these people in the real world led me to think they’re not happy with retro gamers hoarding PVMs and BVMs in recent years to play games. At least the ones I spoke with were acutely aware we’re a big reason good CRTs are scarcer and have dramatically increased in price compared to 5-10 years ago. You can see how nowadays every other ebay listing has “RETRO GAMING” in the title, even sometimes for cheap consumer TVs.