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RIP to the newest member of my CRT family. Trinitron 200ES, we hardly knew ye…


A Hi-res Trinitron PC monitor is something I’ve been looking for forever, I just don’t think many made their way into my area. Congrats on a sweet set!


It was good while it lasted, but it died last night.


Ohhh I’m so sorry. The RIP confused me but the post seemed positive so I wasn’t sure!


It’s okay it was a bit of a pun with Ripping Friends too hehe.


Anyone know of a good modder in North America that could do an SNESjr RGB mod?


I fix retro did a few mods for me recently. There is also voultar who seems to be getting more into the premodded console business but he did my RGB mini mod.


Picked up the 2070SB today and it was totally worth it, beautiful tube. It’s going to be awesome getting to do some modern gaming on CRT! Will be posting more pictures in the 240p thread


Having a problem getting into the Service Menu on the Sony 27fs320. Got the original remote (RM-Y196) and using this PDF as a guide:

The button combo on page 36 does nothing for me, the set will not turn on with that sequence, unless I release the other buttons and leave power depressed, which makes the set turn on with no menu. Done a factory reset, tried holding the buttons down, tried a few other sequences I found as well. I am really hoping against hope there’s a way to access the service menu without the remote, but these later consumer sets seem to do that a lot.

Any advice? I’d mostly like to balance the color a bit and tweak a few issues with the geometry.


That should be the right combo but you need to push the buttons one at a time, dont hold them together.


@Socksfelloff Someone in my neighborhood is selling a 27 inch toshiba 27AF45. I remember Toshiba used to be a poor man’s Sony back in the day and I had 2 of them growing up. One of them fell victim to poorly shielded speakers that caused rainbowing.

Does anyone know how many lines this thing has. It looks to be in decent shape although, I really want to find a 24" Sony or JVC I thought this might be worthwhile since it has component.


It’s most definitely going to be 480i, and it will support 240p with ease.

Those Toshibas are good TVs.


I was more or less wanting to know if this was one of the higher end tvs they sell similar to the Sony 310 that @Socksfelloff talks about or the JVC D Series that seems to have more than usual number of lines so it gives a nice picture.


Probably under 500 I’d assume.


Nope, that particular one is a regular Toshiba. Very common, but they are good sets.

Honestly though, if you’re looking for a “premium” CRT for gaming, you really should just look for the Sony FV series, the later models being better, and the FV310 being subjectively the best.

The trouble is that just finding an FV310 isn’t enough. The real factor that will contribute to the quality of the set you find is the usage and life it’s had. In my opinion it’s best not to get caught up too much in the finding of a holy grail model number, or you’re setting yourself up for some major disappointment when you find one.

Here’s what I would suggest: CRTs are still very common and usually very cheap or free in the 27" consumer level. Get a set home and set it up, get used to it and enjoy it. When you find something better come along, trade it out and give your old one away to a fellow retro gamer. You can continue this pattern for next to nothing (aside from some backbreaking work) and when you finally get a set you’re 100% happy with, you can stop looking.

Bottom line: Get a TV and enjoy gaming… that is all.


I have multiple PVMs. I really just wanted a 24 or 27 inch for light gun gaming, Wii (Wii doesn’t work so well on a 19" PVM) and maybe N64 multiplayer stuff.

I’ve been on the hunt for a Sony 300 series for almost as long as it took me to get a PVM 20L5. People usually just throw their CRTs away or leave them outside. If you are lucky, you can get to them before they’ve been rained on or before a rodent makes a home out of it.

Just recently, I have started widing my search to the D-Series JVC line. I really liked my early 2K Toshiba but I knew it wasn’t as good as the Sony TVs at the time. Does anyone have the high end series model numbers for the Toshiba TVs?


I could be wrong, but if my memory serves me correct, the only Toshiba sets that hit the market at the time of the flat screen CRTs were those AF models. From there they moved on to the HD models which included the widescreen ones.

I distinctly remember Panasonic having two different line-ups like the Sony, but I don’t know the differences. Their high end sets were “Tau”.


I probably had that same model in 24" back in the day because its mfg year is around the time I bought my Toshiba.


Oh man, I’m stupid. That worked, thanks so much!


Does anyone know if the FM or OSSC support rotating an entire image? Think forced 'tate mode on a 16:9 display, but with the letter boxing above and below the 4:3 image. Can this be done?